National Sports Grill

After the field trip in Palladium, we crossed to the nearby Greenbelt 3 for some grub. The kids are ALWAYS hungry! ;P Set my sights on Nanbantei of Tokyo but unfortunately, we were too early. They open at 5, boo! :(

So we tried the National Sports Grill instead. NSG is sorta like Friday’s. They have huge screen TVs to watch sports games & hang around while stuffing your face with fatty, heavy, greasy snacks & noise-inducing drinks. With NO interruptions. Yes, it’s very similar to a MAN CAVE! ;P

I have so few pictures with my babyson. :(
Cute menus.
Chicken Parmesan 425 php
Sweet & Spicy version. My babyson got the sweet while I got the spicy!
The serving is HUGE, good for sharing actually. But not for the big, strong men. ;P 
Ate’s Buffalo Chicken Tenders 365php 
Angela’s Fish & Mushroom 365 php
Kuya Rolly’s Seafood Skewers 375 php
Jasmin’s Stuffed Porloin 395 php
With the Buensalidas. Thank you kuya Rolly for treating us!!! <3

In case you’re wondering where my baby gurl Lavinia was, she had her own social life! @_@ For the past 3 saturdays, hmp!!!

Beibering with her friends! :P

After a few rounds & some shopping (of course, what’s new!), we were back to stuffing our faces & bellies, omg! Dessert at CPK, oh how I’ve missed CPK! m/

Molten Chocolate Cake 295 php
Apple Crumble 340 php
Oreo Mud Pie 320 php
BFFs :)

I think I overworked my body this past weekend –hindi sanay gumalaw haha. Age is really creeping up, sigh *Superkaduper sick mode. Gotta pump up on vitamins & fruit juices, too many events, so little energy! Aaaaack!! ;P

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