Nathan Suntay’s 1st Birthday

My hunny is ninong to Nathan. He & Doc Lester (the dad) have been friends for more than 16 years now. Lester is also ninong to my babyson. They’re tight that way! ;)

Drs. Lester & Abby are just the nicest couple ever & we just love them to bits! <3 When my FIL was bedridden, Lester would often come by & check on him. And even when FIL passed, Lester was with us ’til the very end. Now that my mom is also having a bit of a problem with her health, Lester goes all the way to her house to check on her free of charge. That’s how wonderful he is.

Lester is a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. Abby is a pediatrician at Asian Hospital. They are part-owners of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Inc.

Mon – Sun: 9:00 am 6:00 pm
Relax, Rejuvenate, Revitalize! Experience the benefits of oxygen only at Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Inc. Visit www.hbot.com.ph for more information.
Parking Lot

Their son had his 1st birthday yesterday. Naturally, we went. How could we not? Here are some pictures of the happy day..

My (always) full plate! @_@
Lechon, Fish fingers & potato balls, BBQ chicken, Pork BBQ, Baked Mac & Taco!! <3
My dessert (teehee) which I shared naman with my hunny & lovey!!!
The party host who, although was very loud, did an excellent job
& was very proficient in english! ;))
You know those thingamajig baby holders so you don’t lose your kids?
This one is waaaay toooo cute!!! Don’t you think?
Makes it a bit forgivable for making kids look like pets, hahaha!
With Lester, Abby & the adorable baby Nathan who just turned 1!!
Happy happy birthday!!! <3
My lovey was too shy to get a lootbag coz she feels she’s “dalagana hahaha!
Her dad still got her one though, to MY delight! ;))
Yes, she shared her goodies with me, of course! <3

Happy happy birthday, Nathan!! May you grow up to be as good, kind-hearted, charming & lovable as your parents!!! We look forward to spending many more happy birthdays with you!!! :-*

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