Nanbantei of Tokyo

Finally! I got to watch SISTERAKAS yesterday. Hoot hoot!! m/ Yes, that’s how babaw I am, haha! And SURPRISINGLY.. my Kapitan K watched it with us in GREENBELT! I know right? Miracle of miracles haha. 2013 is looking better already! ;))

I love my Town, but sometimes, you also want a different venue. It’s just like food. Meat is good, but once in a while you also crave for seafood! ;P
After laughing our heads off non stop in this Vice Ganda-Kris Aquino-Aiai delas Alas HIT movie, we headed off to Nanbantei of Tokyo for dinner before heading home. Syempre walang shopping kasi kasama si Daddy! @_@
My plan originally was to dine in TWG as I’ve been reading blogs left & right about it. But since my hunny pie decided to grace us with his presence (and you know he doesn’t eat food na walang rice!), I had to alter my original plan to suit his needs. May araw ka rin sa akin, TWG! :P

Nanbantei of TokyoGreenbelt 3

3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza StAyala Center, Makati(02) 757-4130

Irashaimase! :)
Japanese peeps in past life! ;))
Complimentary veggies.
Nanbantei of Tokyo is more of a a yakitori place (skewered meats/seafood)
Spicy Tuna Maki 180 php
California Maki 180 php 
Potato Karokke 120 php
Best Sellers Platter (The set includes Aspara Maki, Tebasaki, Pork Garlic Yaki, Shiso Maki, Negima, Corn, and Poteto Maki, 21 sticks) 880 php
Ebi Tempura (7 pcs.) 340 php 
Yaki Udon 270 php 
Starting the year right by eating together, just being together.
This is BLISS. <3
Japanese Fried Rice 100 php/cup
(dito kami na-dale hehe!)
Coffee Jelly 110 php
(at dito! @_@)

One thing you  might not know yet about my kids, when they are overly full, nalalasing sila hehe. Just look at them, laughing maniacly (not cool) for no reason at all! @_@

I’ve really enjoyed the christmas break. Having the kids with me is always a perk with the holidays. Unfortunately, it’s back to regular programming tomorrow, sigh. </3

Jela. It’s just you & me again tomorrow, kiddo!

PS- We 3 girls just watched One More Try tonight. You’ll love the story, promise! For me hands down THE BEST movie among the 3 we’ve watched so far (and will only watch!). But of course I still love Kris the best! :P

One More Try
Super tagos sa dibdib, zOMG! @_@

Best line ever: Ang pera natin, hindi mauubos.
Pero ang pasensya ko. Konting-konti nalang. Konti nalang, mauubos naaaaaaa
(then walk out!)

Hahaha told you, BAKYA AKO!!! ;))

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