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Nanbantei of Tokyo comes to Town!

My kids are going gaga over an app in the iphone called pokemon go. Just the other day when Kap & I went on a Binondo lunch date after our hearing with the bruhas, we came home to an empty house. Nasa mall ang mga bata as soon as their classes got suspended. Nag-volt in ba naman sila at lumayasMagaling, magaling, magaling! @_@ 3 hours they’ve been catching monsters. I don’t know if I should be happy that they’re spending time, or if I should be alarmed that they are spending time AT the mall, lol.


Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. In the game, players use a mobile device’s GPS capability to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on the screen as if they were in the same real-world location as the player. Nakaka-addict. Believe me! @_@

And typical usisera that I am, nakialam naman ako. Guess who got hooked on the game? Mismo! Sino pa eh di ang mahaderang nanay! ;))

So yesterday, and to catch up with my kids who are on a waaaay higher level & have already caught so much, I dragged Kap to the mall in the pretense of a lunch date. Pero manghuhuli lang pala ako ng pocket monsters hehe. Shhhhhh, wag nyo akong ibuko -he has no idea!

As you know, I like trying out new restos. Good news for yakitori lovers, Nanbantei of Tokyo is now in town! Alabang Town Center that is. So naturally, I had to catch some.. I mean TRY some grilled meats (and get pokeballs on the side) :P This is what you call multi-tasking in the 21st century,

Nanbantei of Tokyo

Alabang Town Center, Alabang Zapote Rd,, Alabang, Muntinlupa (02) 772-6331
Yakitori means “grilled chicken” in Japanese but at Nanbantei of Tokyo, there’s more to feast on than just chicken. The restaurant prides itself in showcasing its flavorful yakitori dishes -from beef, pork and chicken, to seafood and vegetables. Though the menu is predominantly yakitori, Nanbantei of Tokyo also serves other Japanese dishes such as Sushi, Sashimi, and Tempura among others.
Nanban means “foreigner” and Tei rest house or teahouse. When put together, Nanbantei means a place where guests can unwind and have something to eat or drink after a long day of work. Or to park yourselves after a whole day of catching pokemons. Healthy food na, super affordable pa! Pwedeng pang-istudyante budget. \m/

NANBANTEI OF TOKYO recently opened its 3rd branch at the Alabang Town Center to give diners a taste of Japan’s fresh, tasty and healthy grilled dishes. It is where PF Chang’s used to be, right beside Nanbantei of Tokyo’s sister company, Chili’s! <3


While Kap browsed over the menu -taking forever on deciding what to order, I had some Salmon Sashimi 220 php & Spicy Tuna Maki 210 php. With a Japanese Mojito 175 php on the side kasi ang tagaaal nya mag-isip. Components: Iichiko Shochu, fresh calamansi juice, simple syrup, green tea, ooba leaves and lime wedge garnish topped with Sprite. Very refreshing, nakakalamig na ng uno, nakaka-kalma pa. ;)


Kata (Chicken skin) 75 php. Not advisable for people over 50 years old with high cholesterol hehe.


You know what goes best with Japanese ihaw-ihaw? SAKE! Kampai naaaa! Nihon Sakari Ginjo Namasake 300 ml. 585 php. Isang buong bote ang pinainom sa akin ah. Mukhang may masamang binabalak!


And speaking of Sake, you know what also goes well with this Japanese beer? Why Salmon Aburi of course! Which, btw, will soon be scraped off the menu so order while you still can. Grabe namang makatitig si Kap, nakakalusaw! :P


Always a staple when we turn Japanese.. Ebi Tempura (Shrimp tempura) 385 php.


Because we wanted a taste of err’thang, we asked for the Best Sellers Platter 995 php. This includes Aspara Maki, Tebasaki, Pork Garlic Yaki, Shiso Maki, Negima, Corn (sorry naunahan ako ni Kap), and Poteto Maki. Total of 21 sticks. Panalo! \m/


And since the price is so affordable.. boss pa-order pa nga? Yaki Ika 125 php (Grilled baby squid), Pork Garlic Yaki 130 php (Pork with garlic flavour), Tofu/Beancurd 140 php, Leba Maki 150 php (Chicken liver wrapped with bacon), and Tsukune 120 php (Chicken meat balls). Lahat presyong Kap-approved!


At dahil happy si Kap, may dessert pa! His & Hers Coffee Jelly 120 php. Aba, galante!

So honey, if you don’t see any of us in the house when you come home later, ya know where to find us okay? ;))

On another note, happy birthday to my Dad. Ano Kap, should we celebrate again at Nanbantei of Tokyo with the fambam? Just say the word, madami pa akong dapat hulihin. :P




Form a group of 3 and get your favorites for only P888 when you dine in at Nanbantei of Tokyo! Visit at any of the 3 branches in Greenbelt 3, Bonifacio High Street, and Alabang Town Center.

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