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My babyson went on a date with his Katiecakes in Greenbelt. So it was another lagare day for me. I promised myself I wouldn’t do this anymore because it’s so stressful rushing from one place to another. We have this rule in the house about sharing the driver & only one lakad at a time per person unless it’s the same place. But what can I do. Makulit ang binata ko. He was going on a group date daw so he can’t change the schedule to fit mine. When love speaks, I have to listen! No one gets in the way of true love.. especially when your true love looks as pretty as the one below! :P



What group date??? :P


So after Shangrila Mall, we rushed to Greenbelt where my babyson was meeting up with his muse & inspiration. ;) He went his way, we went ours. After careful consideration, the girls & I decided to eat at Nam Nam. Filipino food is not on top of our list really, but after seeing the menu outside, we were convinced to give it a try.

Namnam Greenbelt 2

G/F Greenbelt 2, Esperanza Street corner Greenbelt Drive Ayala Center, Makati (02) 625-0515





I was convinced to give it a try when I saw it wasn’t traditional Filipino food but had twists instead. Remember, our cook makes a mean Filipino cuisine at home so I try to eat other types of food when out with my family. ;)




This is what I mean. :) We ordered mostly from the “TWISTS” section.


To see the complete menu of Nam Nam, CLICK HERE.



Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon. This is SMALL. Serving: Small (good for 1) 215.00 Medium (good for 3) 390.00 Large (good for 6) 720.00


To see a similar recipe for WATERMELON SINIGANG, CLICK HERE.


Caramelized Patis Wings. This is SMALL. Serving: Small (good for 1) 155.00 Medium (good for 3) 285.00 Large (good for 6) 515.00


Adobong Kangkong. Local morning glory, stir-fried. This is SMALL. Serving: Small (good for 1) 100.00 Medium (good for 3) 180.00 Large (good for 6) 325.00



Crispy Pata with Garlic-Chili Bits. This is SMALL. Serving: Small (good for 1) 280.00 Medium (good for 3) 480.00 Large (good for 6) 935.00


Sizzling Bangus Belly Sisig. This is SMALL. Serving: Small (good for 1) 175.00 Medium (good for 3) 285.00 Large (good for 6) 485.00


Corned Beef Sisig. All-day breakfast for champions. Serving: Small (good for 1) 145.00 Medium (good for 3) 265.00 Large (good for 6) 480.00


University Fried Rice. Tapa, garlic, fried egg. This is SMALL. Serving: Small (good for 1) 135.00 Medium (good for 3) 245.00 Large (good for 6) 460.00


Garlic Rice. This is SMALL. Serving: Small (good for 1) 45.00 Medium (good for 3) 80.00 Large (good for 6) 145.00

photo 1

Super mali-NAMNAM!! ;) We were really happy with our orders that night. And these were all SMALL servings! Can you imagine? Value for money. <3


I love hanging with my girls. <3


When we went in, the restaurant was empty. But midway, it got full quickly & the room temperature became unbearable, added to that the crowd was making constant buzzing noises so I had a momentary panic attack. The servers were so nice to lend me a fan & give me this to refresh my body in the heated, stuffy room filled with a good sizeable crowd. Thank you Nam Nam for taking such good care of me! <3


Of course, when in a Filipino restaurant, one MUST always order halo-halo! <3



photo 3

See how my girls love me & take such great care of me. <3 And every single time I don’t even ask them to, it comes naturally to them to serve me. Ate prepares my plate with assorted food while my Lovey gives me a bowl of soup. How blessed am I to have such loving daughters! :)


photo 4

My happy plate served with love from my girls! <3 THANK YOU BABIES! :-*


photo 5

After dinner, we walked around a bit while waiting for Katiecakes to get picked up. I was able to buy something with the GCs my kids gave me for Mother’s day on top of so many other thoughtful gifts! <3 I fell in love with this quirky phone bag. It’s so cute don’t you think? Bag from Aldo’s 2.5k. It has a cord that connects the handset to the unit. I LAVET!! Thank you babies! :-*



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