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Nadai Fujisoba BHS

Last week for the long lenten weekend, Kap & my babyson got it into their heads to head off to Lobo, Batangas to do some water sports & rough it out. Of course, the 2 girls and I opted to stay behind even with much cajoling, so it was basically a Boys Weekend. Been there, done that. Not our thing. We gals are land & city people. And although I missed my sports buffs so much those 3 long days, we ladies were better suited in the city with all the comforts & luxury it afforded.

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The sea I can manage in small doses. But the summer sun, no thanks. Kap brought out the boat from its hibernation. I’m guessing it’s gonna be seeing a lot of the sea this summer. Gah.



While Kap & my babyson frolicked under the sun with toys for the big boys, the mademoiselles & I enjoyed the air-conditioned malls & restos. Window shopping & eating to our heart’s content. We kept ourselves ensconced & pretty cool all those glorious days save for once on our jaunt to this new resto at Bonifacio High Street where it involved a hot walk outdoors. A trip there warranted the angry glare of the sun because it’s the talk of the town. Of course we had to visit asap -rain or SO MUCH SHINE.

Nadai Fujisoba

Building 7, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (02) 8303333


Bonifacio High Street was a ghost town last Good Friday. There were the Stations of the Cross as usual. But since we practice a different faith, we didn’t participate.



Speaking of stations, look who I bumped into! <3 The RICHIE ZAMORA with his beautiful family! The Pickiest Eater bearing his cross. I wonder what.. or who! :P The Stations: The Last Supper | The Agony in Gethsemani | Jesus before the Sanhedrin | The Scourging and Crowning with thorns | Jesus receives the Cross | Jesus falls under the weight of the Cross | Simon of Cyrene carries the Cross of Jesus | Jesus meets the pious women of Jerusalem | Jesus nailed to the cross The Repentant Thief | Mary and John at the foot of the cross | Jesus dies on the cross | Jesus is laid in the tomb | Jesus rises from death



Bonifacio High Street is really so pretty. Just not on summertime as it provides minimum protection from the draining heat. I already had shades on & I was still squinting. The girls have been seeing Nadai Fujisoba all over Instagram that they specifically requested it for one of our weekend food trips. Good thing too that t was open on a holiday!



Nadai Fujisoba was just a couple of days old when we visited it last Friday. It’s a small place with cute food window decor, replicas of the food items available.



Cuteness overload. <3 It’s short shorts & sleeveless top season again. Their father will not be pleased. :|



I love that they have replicas. We can just point-point! ;)



The dishes are pretty affordable. And healthier too than most ramens as the udon broths are not as rich. I can’t say the same for all those fried side dishes though. Artery-cloggers one & all. :P

What is the difference between ramen, soba, buckwheat noodles, and udon noodles?
How to distinguish ramen restauranst from soba or udon restaurants?

Soup stock for soba or udon noodles in based on bonito, but soup stock for ramen is based on various things, not only bonito, but also pork born and others.

Soba: thin, made from buckwheat (50-100%) + wheat (its gluten makes the buckwheat more manageable), served hot in broth or chilled on a bamboo mat with a savoury dipping sauce. 

Udon: thick, wheat, served in hot broth. Generally quite pale white.

Ramen: thin, wheat, served in hot broth. Sometimes a bit more golden in color (from either kansui or eggs). Originally from China, but what we call ramen nowadays has become more Japanese.

Ramen : ラーメン usually written in Katakana.
Udon : うどん usually written in Hiragana.



My Katsu Don Set with Mori Soba 350 php. For those with a hearty appetite, this set meal includes a rice meal & cold soba on the side. You may choose the type of noodle & if you want it hot or cold.



My Lovey’s Onsen Tamago Soba 200 php.



Tori Tsuke Soba 280 php. This was Ate’s pick. A cold udon noodle with dipping on the side.



Asahi Super Dry 140 php.



The deep-friedables.. Potato Croquette (3 pcs.) 150 php, O-Ebi Tempura (3 pcs.) 180 php, Kakiage Mori (3 pcs.) 150 php.



The tempura pieces are big and a great value for money. <3



My fresh, pretty girls. <3 Thank you for keeping me company & opting to stay home with mommy. I really wouldn’t have tolerated the batangas heat well.



City girl through & through. Sorry I’m not sorry. ;)



For another 2 weeks or so, the Japanese chefs will remain in the Philippines to oversee the operations. Here are KUDO YOSHIAKI & HIDEKI SASO, 2 of the 3 Japanese chefs manning the newly-opened resto, with operations manager DAVID LAURENCE GUEVARRA.

Nadai Fujisoba is sandwiched smack right in between 2 other Japanese restos, KIMIKATSU (Deep-fried Tonkatsu) & Ikkoryu Fukuoka (Ramen), but was the one packing in all the customers that day. I guess Nadai Fujisoba wins for being the new kid on the block, affordability and best in value of meals, & overall good taste. Aside from the fact it has has BOTH of the specialty dishes served by the connecting Japanese restos. I’ll certainly be back for those cold sobas. Yum! <3

And just like that, Holy Week is over. May we all remember that GOD HAS RISEN! But more importantly, that HE died on the cross to save us from our sins. So that we may have eternal life in Christ Jesus. <3

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