Myth of the Human Body

Went with my Lovey to her field trip at the MYTH OF THE HUMAN BODY in taguig. It’s really so interesting. A bit gross hehe.. but still, when do you get to see the human body sliced & spliced up close & personal? The exhibit runs until February of next year (extended from April of this year), so I encourage you to go & see it before they finally pack up & go. 350 php entrance fee. So worth it.

Warning though, these are real cadavers, so if you’re a little on the queasy side, I don’t advise you to go! :P Although, my lavinia & her classmates are aged 11-12 and they found the exhibit fascinating. They even had lunch right after, haha! ;))

The exhibit uses the plastination technique or process used in anatomy to preserve bodies or body parts. The water and fat are replaced by certain plastics, yielding specimens that can be touched, do not smell or decay.
It was developed inn November 1979 by Gunther von Hagens, a German scientist, who is still alive today & is perfecting the process.

Here are some pictures from “our” field trip! ;))

The somewhat “fitting” building that houses the temporary exhibit.

That’s his skin hanging on his arm.
Yes, somewhat morbid. But you have to keep an open mind.
This is for science.

Yup. Even that hanging thing in between is real!
I will never look at another p3ni$ the same way again, OMG! ;))

The were even able to eat lunch right after the exhibit.
So they weren’t affected much, I guess.
The trick is not to look at the eyes.. They are the window to the soul hehe! :P
It’s sorta creepy when you look at the eyes na!

Most of the cadavers used in the traveling exhibit are of chinese heritage. Although the write-up said there were a lot of german bodies donated in the first few years.

This is actually a great learning experience, something they can’t get out of the textbook, and I want to take my 2 other children to see this before the exhibit ends. Tara, let’s go!!! :)

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