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My Paleo Manila Diet: Week 9

Hello Week 9! :) I know most of you have been following my Paleo Manila diet & have been inspired to start eating healthy too. Yay for that, and THANK YOU so much for all the support & encouragement you have been extending to me. Kahit na feeling ko nasa Pinoy Big Brother’s house ako with all your eyes focused on me & my gradual transformation, it’s really what keeps me going because I don’t want to fail you. And of course I also don’t want to fail my Paleo Manila family at baka biglang termination of contract ako. Waaa! Ikababaliw koooo!

I must admit, I’ve been super spoiled with Paleo Manila. I don’t even have to think & plan what’s for my next meal anymore because on the dot every weeknight, their delivery guy buzzes our doorbell & delivers my 5 meals for the next day. Text mates na sila ng jardinero namin. Walang kahirap-hirap on my part. My 2 girls are on a diet so their meals consist of either grilled chicken or fish with brown or black rice (yup they only eat pork & red meat on weekends, if at all). My 2 boys are so easy to feed. They are not foodies & will eat just about anything on the table. So ang saya ng buhay ng cook ko these past 2 months. Wala siyang mala-state of the nation planning for our weekly menu & she has all the time in the world to talk & text her boyfie! ;))

Anyway, do you know that we ladies who want to lose weight are most anxious to see it from a particular body part, most often the hips, stomach, thighs and facial area? (Me the facial area sana, including the neck -because it creates an illusion na pumayat ka na talaga, don’t you agree? But this isn’t always the case though, because our body loses it first where it wants to lose it first, ignoring our wishes! @_@

First On, Last Off

Usually women lose weight first in the area where they most recently gained it, meaning the last pounds on are the first to go. Conversely, this also means the oldest weight, the pounds you gained first, will be the most stubborn and difficult to lose. If you gain weight in your mid-section first, that will be the last to hang on. Huhuhu FML!


Your genetics plays a big role in how and where you lose weight first. If you genetically have wide hips, you may have trouble losing weight in that area. You will probably see weight loss in every other body part, with the hips being the last area to respond. There’s no way to fight genetics and even though your hips may never be narrow, eventually they will begin shrinking in size to the proportion that is ideal for you.


To read What Parts of the Body Loses Fat First?, CLICK HERE.


In my Paleo Manila journey, I’m sometimes frustrated with how my weight loss is not so noticeable yet. It’s because 20 lbs. off from a fat (and I say this in the cutest & unoffensive way possible) person is different from 20 lbs. off from a thin person. Sa payat na tao, mukha na silang may sakit. Sa ating mej chubby, para lang tayong hindi kumain ng isang araw huhuhu.

I’ve noticed that the 20 lbs. I’ve lost are less noticeable because it’s divided in small parts on different areas of my body. But I’ve noticed more on my back & side fats. Even Kap commented one night as he was rubbing my back to sleep that Luzon at Visayas nalang ang kasyang i-drowing sa likod ko. Yung Mindanao daw hindi na. How sweet right? Yes, I also didn’t know how I was gonna take it. Compliment ba o INSULTO??? :P Ginawa akong mapa ng Pilipinas!

It’s also frustrating when I see people & they say.. HA? NAKA-DIET KA PALA? huhuhu KILL ME NOW WHY DON’T YOU???

BUT! Yep, there’s always a but because I choose to always be positive & happy. So, BUT! I have given myself until my birthday next year to really REALLY look amazing & fab. By Feb, keri ko nang mag-one piece na walang trapal! :P Balikan ko yang mga lecheng nagsabi at isigaw ko sa tenga nilang.. OO Ateng, NAG-DIET AKO HELLO! ;)) 6 more months, but I know I can do it! \m/


 My Week 9 Diary:




Day 1. Clockwise from left: First of september sunrise salad (ok), Tahitian coconut macaroons (meh) & cinnamon sweet potato chips (meh), Sesame orange chicken with stir-fry oriental caulirice (yum!), and Cocoa chili con carne (yum!).


Day 2. Clockwise from left: Tropical chia pudding with toasted coconut chips (omg super YUM!), Honey prune stuffed balsamic pork chops with spring vegetables & cassava mash (yum!), pork shitake morimaki (meh) & smoked salmon & caper salad with balsamic dressing (yum!), and Grilled fresh catch tuna sisig with garlic caulirice & adobong kangkong (omg Yum!).


Day 3. Clockwise from left: Honey banana walnut pancakes (yum!), Brazilian moqueca in stewed tomato coconut broth (yum!), Cardamom oranges (yum! -not in photo) & Perfect primal power omelette (yum!), and Sticky chicken leg quarters with garlic citrus lemon glaze (yum!).


Day 4. Clockwise from left: Spinach & ham frittata with tomato jam (yum!), Vietnamese banh mi burgers with asian slaw (yum!), Salted caramel cacao brownie (omg YUM!)& Chipotle pork rinds (meh), and Oven-baked stewed beef & sweet potato casserole (Yum!).


Day 5. Clockwise from left: Slow-cooked BBQ chicken & diced apple quesadilla (yum!), Teriyaki pork roast with napa cabbage & mushrooms (yum!), Apricot cranberry scone (omg Yum!) & Cacao nibs muffins (omg Yum!), and Classic grilled chicken basil pesto with stir-fry vegetables (ong Yum!).


Another week coming. Sana by the end of this month kalahati nalang ng Visayas ang pwede i-drowing sa likod ko. :P

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