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My Paleo Manila Diet: Week 8

Aaaaaaand I just completed my 8th week! 2 months baby! <3 Can I just say? I AM HECKA PROUD OF MYSELF! <3 I didn’t think I’d last a month, more so TWO MONTHS! I’m really doing the dance of joy now woohoo!

I can happily & truthfully report that I’ve lost, slowly but surely, 20 lbs over the last 2 month. I know, it’s not yet halata because it’s mostly the fat around my tummy area that has been getting the most benefit. So clothes which have grown tight over the years, I can wear now. ILABAS SA BAUL! Still snug, but at least the buttons close na, albeit pumuputok.. lels! :P Kap even said, dati daw pag lumalakad kami, lagi nauuna ang tiyan ko. Ngayon, boobs na! ;)) The time will come when my polos will hang loose na rin, just you wait & see. ;)

My goal is to lose 100 lbs, lels. But that may not be realistic. So I’d settle for half. Yes, I’d be extremely happy with just half. (PLEASE GOD!) I hope my Paleo Manila family will be willing to see me through. I don’t know how I’d continue without them. They’ve been really instrumental in my big leap so their faith & trust in me is what keeps me going. COLD TURKEY might I add. So you gals out there who may be thinking it’s impossible, I’m telling you it’s not. It IS possible to just switch it of just like that if the mind is willing.



“Never underestimate your power to change yourself; never overestimate your power to change others.” Wayne W. Dyer

photo 1.

I’ve had people comment that PALEO MANILA meals are expensive at 650 php/day (+delivery charges). More expensive than most of the diet food deliveries. This is what I have to say.. Most of those diet food deliveries, if you will notice, the ulam in their boxes occupy like what, 1/4 of the box? Or even less. The rest are either WHITE rice, pasta, or WHITE bread because those are cheap box fillers. Not so with PALEO MANILA. Since Paleo Manila doesn’t do carbs, their lunch boxes are filled with mostly ulam. So that considerably costs more. Also, the food they deliver is not something that you can do quickly & effortlessly. It’s not your ordinary piniritong manok, or adobong baboy, or inihaw na isda in guise of diet food. Paleo Manila food is more complicated than than, as you might have probably seen in all my PALEO MANILA posts. The people behind it really look for yummy recipes & alternative ingredients to make eating healthy a pleasure.

I’m saying this not because they are my sponsors, but because it’s the honest truth. You can see for yourself by looking up other diet food deliveries that I’m speaking the truth. Some fill up a box with CREAMY PASTA & pass it off as diet food. Really? Carbs? Paleo Manila uses veggies like zucchini, squash, cucumber as “pasta”, so those notably costs more.

All the successful diets like ATKINS & SOUTH BEACH incorporate as little carbs as possible into their diet plan. It’s because EATING CARBS MAKE YOU FAT. One of the main disadvantages of carbs is that they can easily be stored as fat. To avoid storing your carbs as fat in the body you HAVE TO use them for energy. And that means you have to be VERY active.




Day 1 (clockwise from left): Huevos Rancheros with oven-roasted tomato sauce (yum!), Hawaiian hula shredded pork with chipotle mash & slaw (yum!), Shrimp pomelo spring rolls (omg YUM!) & Black velvet cupcake (omg YUM!), and Poached chicken with spring herbs in roasted pepper walnut sauce (yum!).


Day 2 (clockwise from left): Chocolate chia seed pudding with bananas & toasted coconut (omg YUM!), Chicken tikka masala caulirice & carrot cardamom pudding (omg YUM!), Pina colada muffin (omg YUM!) & Papaya poppers with honey calamansi drizzle (yum!), and Crockpot beef pot roast with thousand-step gratin (omg YUM!). <3 I loved absolutely everything on Day 2!


Day 3 (clockwise from left): Squash & spinach frittata with homemade tomato jam (yum!), Cuban-style roasted pork with sweet plantains (ok), Vanilla coco butter tahini truffles (ok) & Moist chocolate banana bread (omg YUM!), and Santorini tuna souvlaki with spanakorizo caulirice (omg YUM!).


Day 4 (clockwise from left): Beef tapa served with salted egg bibingka cups (yum!), Lemon & lime buttered fish with roasted squash (omg YUM!), Filo’s felafel balls (meh) & Bacon-wrapped dates (omg YUM!), and Backyard pork & fennel burgers with homemade mustard aioli (yum!).

photo 5,

My Ate found these popsicle makers in Duty Free at Clark. It costs like 50 pesos or less so she got 2. And now I have flavored, homemade popsicles to keep me cool whenever I have those annoying HOT FLASHES! Also, it staves off cravings for iced beverages such as sodas & sweetened fruit juices. What I do is I have our cook make me coffee & lemonade pops which I keep in my freezer to enjoy any time I want. <3


photo 2,

And to another (hopefully productive) week ahead! Until tomorrow, guys! :-*
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