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My Paleo Manila Diet: Week 7

When I told family & friends that I was turning over a new leaf & starting my PALEO MANILA diet, many did not believe & laughed outright in my face. Even Kap. I can’t say that I blame them. They’ve seen how I eat. But one thing they didn’t anticipate was what a rebel I am.

You see, the more you say that I can’t do it, the more I wanna prove you wrong. And I actually have to give them credit for my new lifestyle change because they forced me to disprove them.

Now pushing on my 8th week, I am definitely proving to everyone that I’m in this for the long haul. For as long as it takes. My only concern is that, it IS taking a long time for me to get back in shape. Longer than I anticipated.

Aside from the age factor, and my hypothyroid condition, it’s been years & years of abuse that I’ve put my poor body through. Of course I can’t expect that I’ll shed the pounds easily. I can’t see results I want in a snap. The length of time I have abused my body is equal the length of time it will take to correct my erring ways & get to my ideal weight. So I need to be patient. One day at a time is my mantra. It’s better to be safe & do this slowly but surely, than quickly & sorry.

My Week 7 Paleo Manila diary. I just have to say, I salute the PALEO MANILA team for making every effort to kick up the food they ration to us. Every day, I wake up excited & eager to see what my friends sent for the day. It’s just like opening presents at meal time since every serving is a surprise.

photo 1


photo 2

Clockwise from left: Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon & spinach pesto (omg Yum!), Peruvian-style roasted chicken leg quarters with aji verde sauce served with ratatouille (Yum!), Gluten-free apple brownies (omg Yum!) & Orange-nut bread (omg Yum!), and Kimchi bacon caulirice with potsticker meatballs (yum!).

photo 3

Clockwise from left: Sweet potato & ham breakfast cups (omg Yum!), Roasted garlic & red wine-braised beef shanks (yum), Country-style raisin bread (omg Yum!) & Coconut lime bliss balls (omg Yum!), and Kabab koobideh with roasted tomatoes & buttered caulirice (yum!).

photo 4

Clockwise from left: Strawberry banana chia breakfast bar (omg SUPER YUM!!!), Pulled-pork with sweet plantain mash (yum!), Cinnamon donut holes (yum!) & Five-fruit feast with honey-mint drizzle (good), and Oven-baked butternut squash cottage pie (yum!).

photo 3

Clockwise from left: Old-fashioned maple bacon pancakes (omg Yum!), Kung pao chicken with zucchini squash noodles (good), Spiced & caramelized apple fries (yum!) & Rosemary and grape FAUX-cacia bread (yum!), and Balsamic pork chops with homemade onion jam served with beet salad (yum!)

day 5

Clockwise from left: Maca & pork protein sausages (omg YUM!), Goan fish curry with mixed greens and eggplants (omg SUPER YUM!), Raw date and cashew superfood energy bar (Yum!) & Moist dark chocolate crownies with raw cacao (omg Yum!), and Ginger pork skewers with asian slaw (Good).



One more week of reporting & I can’t wait to show you how loose my shorts have become. YAY! <3 I now need a belt. YES! ;)

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