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My Paleo Manila Diet: Week 4

I can’t believe that I finished a whole month of my Paleo Manila diet! <3 Ever since I can remember, going back my childhood days, the longest I could stick to a diet was 5 days. Sapilitan pa! I guess it was because of the feeling of deprivation that stopped me from getting to my goal. Plus, I was always hungry. I am a pampered princess so anything that made me feel kawawa, I didn’t get to see through. Yes, I have a feeling of entitlement -please don’t hate me.

So when Paleo Manila came into my life, I was really confident because their meals are really gourmet & I never felt deprived at all at any time. On top of the meals they sent me, I was able to eat anything my heart desired as long as I stuck to the Paleo principle. So I was a happy & contented piggy throughout the 4 weeks. I was also able to go to some events as a blogger as long as I ate the right food. Yes, there were little sacrifices that had to be made but they are so worth it looking at the long term & my future with Kap & the kids.



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Since I started last July 7 2014, I have lost a total of 15 lbs. as of this writing! Oh my! This is the only time I can remember that I lost anything at all so this is a big accomplishment for me. Keep in mind that I have hypothyroidism so I would have lost more if it were not the case. Also, since I’m on a very low impact exercise because of my diseases (hypertension & type-2 diabetes), I didn’t get to my weight loss maximum potential. But still, I’m very very happy! I still have a veeerrryyyy long way to go but I’m off to a good start. And I can only thank PALEO MANILA for this big change in my life. I can’t cook zilch, so my Paleo Manila team helped me get started by sending me the right food not only to lose weight but to be healthy.

In just one month, they have forever changed my outlook in life & eating. Sometimes, I have to stop myself from speaking my mind when I see unhealthy food like artery-clogging bacon & burger, rice & other carbs like bread & cake, or deep fried anything because I know what a downer that can be. Nobody likes judgmental people so I force myself to keep my comments at bay. But that alone tells me that I’m on the way to recovery with regards to my eating habits. I hope I never go back to my old ways & stick to this lifestyle change for good. For my own good.

You may think I’m pulling your leg because this is a sponsored post, but I have really trained my taste buds to go for fruits instead of my usual chocolates & cakes. I can open our ref, see chocolates -and close the door without any desire at all to eat any of it. I’ve seen people around me die of complications from diabetes. So that alone is incentive enough for me to stay alive. Right now, I am also trying to wean myself off fruits with a high sugar content. But baby steps. Rice really doesn’t pose as a problem for me coz I was more of a bread & pasta person. But hey, steak & sashimi? I’m more than good. What a great trade-off! ;)


photo 3

My last blood sugar count taken before dinner. From 240 before! <3 The lack of carb & other artificial sweets in my PALEO MANILA diet is giving me positive results! I’m so happy!


Admittedly, the first week was the toughest for me because I had to adjust with portionings & saying goodbye to some food I love. But now, I really don’t have cravings anymore even with soda which I used to drink EVERYDAY with my meals! @_@ I can also cruise around the supermarket in a breeze without feeling any desire to buy junk for my trunk. :P

My Week 4 Diary:


photo 2

Day 1


Clockwise from left: Bacon beetroot dauphinoise (good), Backyard pork & fennel burgers with homemade coleslaw (good), Honey glazed plantains (good) & not in photo – Tropical rainbow skewers with coconut butter (good), and Traditional seafood bouillabaise with squash dumplings (meh -I don’t like the squash dumplings much. The rest was good though).


The Paleo Manila version of dauphinoise (vegetables sliced & cooked in milk typically with a topping of cheese) which is like a heavier egg omelet was heavy so it kept me going the whole morning. Breakfast to lunch transition is the easiest for me because I normally wake up late, and still full, so I don’t require a heavy breakfast. It’s only around 3 hours from my breakfast to lunch so by the time my noon time meal comes, I’m still sorta full.

Burgers are always fun so my lunch was most welcome. :) The snacks they provided I used as my dessert. I love sweet endings so having them after lunch or dinner instead of snacks makes for a rounded meal for me. I can always scavenge around for snacks anyway. I have my veggie sticks.

Sometimes when the meal sent to me like my Monday dinner isn’t enough to go around (since I didn’t eat the squash dumplings), I eat nuts & fruits in addition to my rationed meal. Be advised though that they are high in calorie content, but gives you a feeling of fullness throughout the night).


photo 1

Nuts, like almonds & walnuts play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease, according to a Harvard review. That’s because nuts may help reduce LDL cholesterol & incorporate a dose of heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat and fiber, which has a heart-protective effect. Nuts are also rich in arginine, an amino acid that converts to nitric oxide in the body and helps blood vessels to relax. The 2013 review of nut health benefits found a modest improvement in overall weight, but several studies have found that nuts can play a role in weight maintenance. That’s because nuts are satisfying — a “high satiety” food — that is metabolized slowly by the body, thanks to high fiber counts. Snackers are more satisfied after eating nuts than after eating foods of comparable caloric value, but less nutrient density.

Picture 1

Health-conscious people are mad about nuts these days. The enthusiasm comes from a steady drumbeat of studies over the past decade showing that they’re genuine health food. Their most salient effect seems to be heart attack prevention. Some studies suggest they give you some protection against diabetes, too. True, nuts are high in calories: Just an ounce of most varieties has more than the 140 or so calories contained in 12 ounces of many brands of soda. Ideally, you should incorporate them into regular meals as a protein source. About 80% of the calories come from fat. Much of the fat, though, is “good” monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, not the “bad” saturated variety in meat and dairy products — or worse yet, dreaded trans fat. In research studies, cholesterol-lowering diets that contain nuts reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol by 9%–20%, regardless of the amount of fat or nuts.


Day 2


Clockwise from left: Deconstructed guacamole & egg salad (good), Double bacon amazeballs with mango honey mustard & mediterranean-style sweet potato salad, not in photo – Spiced & Chilled caramelized oranges (good) & Black velvet cupcake (omg YUM!), and Greek wild tuna souvlaki kebabs with spanakorizo rice (yum!).


I’ve been noticing avocados on this this week’s meals which is a welcome addition in terms of flavor. Again, eggs for breakfast means energy for me. ;)

Because Paleo Manila approves of sweet potatoes, I really don’t miss potatoes much because the 2 are basically the same, for me anyways. I liked my lunch of meatballs & potato salad.

OMG! Paleo Manila makes the BEST cupcakes & brownies! They taste just like the real thing.. except without icing -which I don’t mind because I normally take off the icing on my cake anyway. Also, they always incorporate coconuts in their cakes & sweets so it’s an added flavor & texture. I love love love PM’s cupcakes! <3

I always enjoy fish especially around dinner time as they are light & easy to digest. So my tuna kebab was very welcome. I feel that my tummy has shrunk quite a bit now so a heavy meal at the end of the day gives me indigestion. I sleep better now with a light dinner.


Day 3

Day 3

Clockwise from left: Sundried tomato sweet potato hash (ok), Oven baked chipotle-rubbed chicken leg quarters (good), Cinnamon streusel (yum!) & veggie sticks (ok), and Roasted pork loin with pineapple glaze & roasted okra (okay).


I wonder if all this egg is good for my already high cholesterol, lels. But I still eat them anyway & just take out the yolk.

The chipotle chicken was good & a whole quarter all to myself kept me full enough til mid day. For snack I asked our cook to make a a pot of fresh tomato & basil soup good for several servings. This way whenever I feel hungry at any time of the day I just ask her to heat a batch for me. Hot soup = happy tummy. :)

Again, I enjoyed my cinnamon streusel. I can never take away dessert from my life so I’m happy that Paleo Manila tweaks their recipes to be able to still provide sweets for their clients in a much healthier level.

The roasted pork loin, although a bit on the dry side, tasted like yummy glazed ham when I ate it together with the pineapple. There’s really nothing that PM can’t do. \m/


Day 4

Day 4

Clockwise from left: Diced chicken & apple quesadillas with homemade bbq glaze (yum!), Guiltless Korean Bibimbap (omg YUM!), Felafel balls with aioli (good) & Sea salt cacao cranberry bars (ok, I found it too sweet for my liking), and Stuffed chicken pockets with garlice root mash (Yum!).


I loved my chicken quesadillas for breakfast. The wrap had a crepe-like consistency so it tasted more like a chicken crepe to me which is good coz I like crepes.

My lunch was even more amazing! Korean bibimpap..YAY! And it was a big serving too so double yay! ;)

My snacks-turned-dessert just added the right amount of sweetness.

I loved everything on my Day 4 Paleo Manila meal! <3 Everything was just oh-so-good! My chicken pocket looked like an ordinary chicken breast but what a happy surprise it was to find a yummy veggie filling to an otherwise boring chicken piece. Yay all around!


Day 5

Day 5

Clockwise from left: Sunny pork tocino with salted egg salad (good), Trio of pasta with red wine & rosemary sausages in slow-roasted marinara (meh), candies curry cashew nuts (good) & Citrus lemon chia muffins (g00d), and Hiroshima beef curry (omg SUPER YUM!).


My brekky had itlog na maalat & kamatis so it was a Filipino fare that goes so well with rice. I have adjusted to not eating rice so I was okay with it. Although for newbies, they might crave for rice to eat with this meal. :)

Lunch was not as interesting as the rest of my other Paleo meals so I had soup in lieu of it. It’s good to always have a back-up soup that’s Paleo-approved in your ref that you can throw in the microwave for an instant meal.

My cashew & lemon muffins were welcome desserts. Paleo Manila makes the BEST dessert alternatives & they should really package their sweets as separate entities of their Paleo Manila meals to sell by the bulk as snacks or healthier options for people on the go. \m/

For dinner, it was just so fitting that my last Paleo Manila meal for the month was the yummiest ever. So my first month ended with a BIG BANG! <3 I loved my flavorful Beef  curry! It was really The Bomb with all the curries & spices, and the meat so tender.



One month down, forever to go! Slowly but surely my box will have fewer & fewer meds until one day, I’ll be free of the lot!


aphoto 2

My goal.. from full to ZERO maintenance meds! <3 So help me God!


Thank you all, for encouraging  & supporting me in my amazing adventure with Paleo Manila! :-* And thank you ISABELLE, TRISHA, & GENEVIEVE for my one month Paleo meals & for getting me started on health & fitness. I owe my new lease on life to you!!! <3 Please continue to support me as I crawl my way to the fittest & healthiest me!


Disclaimer: All my food posts from hereon out until August 30, 2014 unless otherwise stated, were from previous food trips & have been scheduled for publishing way before I committed to Paleo Manila’s lifestyle change. Being a food blogger, I will still go to events from time to time & post photos of all the food served from various restos, but I will be choosing carefully what I eat, and only according to what is in the PALEO diet. I value PALEO MANILA’s support & confidence in me & I will do my best not to fall off the wagon, and achieve the goals they have set out for me.

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