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My Paleo Manila Diet: Week 3

My life has been a series of going in & out of the hospital as I go about trying to be the best & healthiest that I can be. I made sure that all blood works were in order, with 2 ultrasounds for my thyroid & fatty liver in preparation for my journey to a healthier lifestyle. <3

My new doctor ordered more series of blood tests to make sure she got everything covered. Ate was so sweet to keep me company for the last leg of my lab rounds..


photo 5

I loved the quick & efficient service at Hi-Precision Diagnostics Plus across Asian Hospital. We were in & out in under 10 minutes. What’s more, I can get my result online so I don’t need to make an unnecessary trip. Yay! My new doctor wanted a more elaborate scope so 3 tubes of blood were taken. Feeling ko pumayat agad ako sa dami ng tinanggal na dugo sa akin ha! :P



Then we went for a series of ultrasound tests. My poor Ate, ginutom na! Good thing she always brings with her power bars for when she gets hungry. Thank you for coming with me, love! <3


To get ready for the start of Week 3, Ate went with me to the grocery again last weekend to buy staples like snacks (nuts – almonds & pecan), fruits (my favorite nectarines & cherries), and Clam Chowder Soup ingredients good for the whole week ahead as supplement for my Paleo Manila meals.


photo 2

Stocked up on my favorite fruits: black seedless grapes, strawberries, nectarines/peaches, and cherries! <3 Since my blood sugar is high, I really shouldn’t over-indulge. So I try to limit my fruit intake.

photo 3

The coke in cans are only for show. We took a photo because says “Mommy” & “BFF”, which Ate & I definitely are. :)

photo 5


To see the directions for the ingredients of CLAM CHOWDER SOUP, CLICK HERE to get to PALEO GIRL’s site who so generously shared her recipe. <3


photo 1

Day 1

Day 1

Clockwise from left: Grain-free coconut cashew pancakes with tropical fruit medley (good), Grilled teriyaki pork kabobs with stir-fry mushrooms (good), Moist dark chocolate Crownies (good) & Pour Hour egg, spinach & bacon salad (good), and Chicken tikka masala with caulirice (omg YUM!)

Breakfast was pancakes again woohoo. Who doesn’t love pancakes? I’m beginning to love Paleo Manila’s coconut additions to my meals which adds a whole lot of flavor & texture.

Lunch was Grilled Teriyaki BBQ with mushrooms on the side, and as always, I added lettuce leaves for a feeling of fulness & used it as a wrap for my pork chunks.

Snacks were salad & a dark chocolate crownie which I loved. I was eating a healthy brownie! <3 Not everything needs to be sacrificed with my Paleo Manila diet.

But the best meal of the day was hands down the Chicken Tikka Masala with cauliRice. I love how it was bursting with flavors from the herbs & a wee bit spicy to keep me happy. Can’t wait for another round of this yummy dish!


Day 2

Day 2

Clockwise from left: Spinach mushroom omelette (Yum!), Pan-seared citrus fish with tomato-basil salad (good), Lemon bliss balls (Yum!) & Cinnabuns ( OMG Yum!), and Lean pork chops with applesauce & german style fried sweet potatoes (Yum!).


The moment I bit into my mushroom egg omelette, I knew my day was gonna be a happy one. And I was right! The 2 younger kids stayed home from school because it was a rainy day. It also kept my energy high since I had an active day ahead with my munchkins.

Lunch was fish which was a welcome change from my carnivorous diet. The taste was clean & fresh & again, I used my lettuce leaves as wrap for my fish & turned it to “tacos”.

Snacks I found a tad too sweet, I guess my taste buds have adjusted. I still loved the cinnabuns though & the lemon balls. I was worried about my sugar levels but I was confident that Paleo Manila used all-natural ingredients so that put my worries to rest. ;)

Dinner was pork chops with applesauce with get this.. FRENCH FRIES! ;) I was cackling like a happy hen! <3


Day 3

Day 3

Clockwise from left: Chicken adobo flakes with garlic caulirice (Yum!), 24-hours marinated cuban-style pork shoulders with peurto rican tostones & homemade coleslaw (good), Mexican Ole Lettuce wrap (good) & Baked eggplant fries with marinara dip (meh), and Farmhouse beef & bacon stew in red wine reduction (good).


It was a “rice” kind of morning for my breakfast with the chicken adobo flakes & caulirice. By now my mind & tastebuds have fallen into believing that I was actually having a normal adobo rice meal instead of the cauliflower substitute. Rice -or lack of it, is actually not a biggie for me & I haven’t been missing it much, but it was a nice surprise. It was a big serving too so I was kept full until lunchtime.

Lunch was pulled pork shoulders which I again paired with my crunchy lettuce leaves. Do make sure you have a bunch or 2 always handy. It keeps the hunger pangs away & practically zero calories too if you’re into counting.

I didn’t care much for the baked eggplant fries even with the marinara dip. But I liked the mexican wrap with salsa. Made me say OLE! ;)

I also paired my beef stew with lettuce. I love korean food so every opportunity I get to have a lettuce wrap, I totally go for it. \m/


Day 4

photo 1

Clockwise from left: Savory herbed tomato muffins (OMG Yum!), Slow-cooked spanish spice rubbed chicken breasts with squash mash, mint & honey drizzle fruit salad & moist dark chocolate crownies with raw cacao nibs, and Grilled jerk tuna with mexican caulirice.


I really REALLY loved my herbed egg muffins. It was so light & fluffy with so many wonderful flavors! <3 I almost cried when I was on my last bite. That’s how good it was!

Lunch was chicken with mashed squash. One can never go wrong with roasted chicken.

My snacks were a fruit salad & a Paleo Manila favorite, CHOCOLATE CROWNIES!!! Omg I can skip any meal & go straight to dessert if it’s always the crownies that’s in my meal pack. They should sell this separately. I’ll definitely hoard & buy the whole bunch!

Dinner was fish which was a nice change. I drizzled a generous amount of lemon for extra zesty flavor & I loved the combination.


Day 5

photo 2

Clockwise from left: Pork maca protein sausage, Gradma’s classic meatballs spaghetti squash, Guilt-free apple wedges in cashew butter & coconut chips & Macadamia coconut date bars, and Roasted rosemarie chicken quarter with cinnamon sweet potatoes.


I thought my breakfast was a burger for champs, only to find out it was sausage. I loved how it tasted like a burger!

To match my “burger” breakfast, lunch was squash “spaghetti”! ;) My Paleo Manila Team sure is inventive!

As always, I so love the pastries that Paleo Manila makes, especially the one with coconuts.

Dinner was roasted chicken quarter with sweet potatoes that kept me full the whole night through & gave me sweet dreams. :)



Aaaaaaand I’m on my 4th week!!! I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long. I will tell you how much weight I have lost on my 4th week review, even I’m amazed! And it has made me even more religious to follow my Paleo Manila diet strictly because I am seeing so many POSITIVE changes in my life!

Do watch out for my post tomorrow. It’s step 2 to my new lifestyle change. Something that I’m so scared to try but I know will benefit me tremendously so I am willing to give it a go. Not a commitment yet because I don’t know if I can really do it. But I’m willing to give it my 100%. Please come back tomorrow for my news. I’m SO excited to tell you!!!


Disclaimer: All my food posts from hereon out until August 12, 2014 were from previous food trips & have been scheduled for publishing way before I committed to Paleo Manila’s lifestyle change. Being a food blogger, I will still go to events from time to time & post photos of all the food served from various restos, but I will be choosing carefully what I eat, and only according to what is in the PALEO diet. I value PALEO MANILA’s support & confidence in me & I will do my best not to fall off the wagon, and achieve the goals they have set out for me.

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