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My Paleo Manila Diet: Week 2

So. After the alarming result of my blood works, my mom took me to see an endocrinologist to find out what can be done. The good doctor tsk-tsk-tsk’d at my uber high blood sugar level along with my T3/T4 results & said I needed to be put on insulin stat. I begged her to give me a couple more months & see if my new Paleo Diet will work. After which, I will subject myself to her expert hands. I mean I’ve already gone this long without the daily shots, surely a couple of weeks shouldn’t hurt.. ? :P


photo 5

After the consult, the more I got scared for my life. The more I decided to stick to my Paleo Manila diet -by hook or by crook.

The first week was actually pretty easy for me. I think it was because I was determined this time around, so my mindset was already conditioned for smaller & lighter meals.

I also went to the grocery last Monday and had no desire for anything other than fruits. So I rewarded myself with the expensive nectarines, since I couldn’t find peaches. I feel that I deserved the treat. ;P Would have also gone for the big-bucked cherries but decided to reserve that as a treat for another week. <3

I was worried at first that I was cajoling fate to tempt me by walking through food aisles. But being scared for my mortality really changed my outlook in life. The cravings & desire to eat my old favorites (and there’s A LOT!) just miraculously left my mind & body. As in cold turkey. I went straight past the pizza section with all the aroma & didn’t even bat an eye. I kid you not. What our bodies can do when our brain is determined.

To be fair, the food packs sent to me were really really good. My meals don’t taste like diet food at all. Normally, our cook prepares Filipino dishes which I’m not very fond of to begin with, so I’m actually enjoying what PM sends to me more than what’s on the table. I really didn’t have that hard a time controlling myself from partaking of what was prepared for the family meals.

Having said that, what is hard for me is being in a restaurant where temptation is high. So I really begged off from attending lunches & dinners with my foodie friends unless absolutely necessary, and unless I can see that there’s something that’s ok for me to eat. You should see the amount & variety of food served to us in events. PAMATAY! @_@

I faced 2 events last week. Saturday I had a buffet dinner & Sunday I had a degustation. Both were scheduled way in advance before I committed to Paleo Manila so I had no choice but to go through with it. Ako kasi ang pasimuno! :P

For the buffet, I passed with flying colors because I was able to choose from the wide selection. I stuck with sashimi & steak for my appetizer & main course. Not a struggle because those staples are what I usually go for in buffets. And fruits, which weren’t too sweet, for my dessert. No soda & coffee too. Yay! <3


photo 1

There was really no sacrifice here. I still enjoyed bounty from the sea grilled to perfection. Plus a small-sized steak. I didn’t want my tummy to get used to big meals again. And what’s good about company is you really won’t get to eat much because you keep chatting! :P



The degustation, which took 2 months to book & only because somebody backed out, proved to be harder because I have to eat what was served & I can’t ask for adjustment lest the chef be insulted & kick me out! :P So I danced around my meal & touched only what I deemed was acceptable, for my own good. I’m really serious about getting on the right track, I don’t want to always put my life on the line just because of momentary happiness -it’s so not worth it. On the bright side, Kap was with me so whatever I didn’t want to eat (note that I said  DIDN’T WANT instead of CAN’T), I passed on to him para not sayang naman my money. lels.


photo 2

I skipped the pasta & dessert, but mostly everything DENNIS LIM of DENLIM’s served was all-natural & healthy. He used olive oil & that’s about it. I was watching him & he didn’t use sugar & the rest of the evil stuff. :P He stuck with herbs for seasoning so I really had a grand time sampling itsy bitsy pieces from the 7-course degustation feast.


On to my second week..


photo 3

Day 1


Clockwise from left: Gluten-free banana walnut omelette pancake (Yum!), Baked Pesce con squash dumplings in pomodoro sauce (good), Thai Mint Pomelo Salad (Ok) & Toasty egg white macaroons (OMG Yum!) Pork nori with oriental fried cauliRice (good).

My breakfast was a sweet omelette pancake which I tucked into with delight. Anything with eggs for brekky, I’m happy. It really tasted like pancake house’s banana walnut pancake except for the texture which had an egg consistency.

Lunch was baked fish with squash dumplings. I liked the fish but I could have done without the soft dumplings. :P As you can see, I pair all my meals with lettuce for the crunch & also to serve as my rice replacement until my tummy gets used to a smaller portion.

Dinner was a pretty sight. Nori Roll! And I thought the cauliRice was actually couscous until I read my pamphlet. So very interesting indeed! Now when I look for rice I can ask for the cauliRice version.

Again, I loved my snacks. I need dessert so the Pomelo salad & the super yummy macaroons (although they don’t look it) sure came in handy. I really am loving the coconut-ty pastries of Paleo Manila! <3


Day 2



Clockwise from left: Sriracha huevos rancheros with diced jalapeno (good), Slow-roasted pulled pork with homemade BBQ glaze & plantain mash (OMG Yum!!!), Not in photo: Chunky monkey browned bananas with coconut butter (Yum!) & Double chocolate banana bread (Ok), Lemon basil pesto chicken kebabs with mediterranean salad (Yum!).


Oh wow! I loved everything for my second day meal delivery especially the lunch & dinner!

Paleo Manila got a good start with the huevos rancheros which they substituted potatoes with squash. I’ve always loved sweet squash. And the 2 eggs kept me full until lunch time.

Lunch I went to heaven with the pulled pork. ANG SARAP! <3 It tasted so sinful & yet it wasn’t. The serving was pretty big too so I was kept full with my chunky monkey dessert. Sorry I didn’t get to take a photo as it was already heated before I could take one. It’s saging na saba that tasted like banana cue. Yum!

I also got lucky with my dinner. I loved the chicken kebabs & I added some fresh pineapples for a more Hawaiian feel. :)

Btw, meet my treadmill. I didn’t use superhuman efforts to go walking last week because my energy level was lower than the usual since I wasn’t carbo-loading. So I waited a week before I said hello to my old friend.. er frenemy? I’m starting with 30 minutes daily for this week. Please lang, huwag na kayong umangal ok??? I promise to build it up in the weeks (or months hehe) to come.



I know, I know. I have all these equipment at home collecting dust. What can I say, I’m really lazy! :P


And meet my one-touch as well! :P I got re-acquainted with this bee-yatch huhuhu. I got away from the prickings for the longest time, but this time I can’t run away from it anymore. #whattheprick My sugar level is just way too high so my doctor asked me to prick daily so she can monitor my glucose level & medicate me accordingly. FML! At least no insulin yet (please GOD!!!)



Day 3


photo 5

Clockwise from left: Skinny Classic Meatlof Cupcakes (good), Beef Bulgogi with 24-hour Tea-seeped Egg with Kimchi Jambalaya (Yum!), Flourless Jumpstart Muffins (Ok) & Dairy-free Overnight Chia Mango Pudding (good), Monster Mash Butternut Squash Shepherd’s Pie (Yum!).


I loved how a couple of cupcakes greeted me for breakfast. Cupcakes can always bring out a smile in me! ;) And since my cravings for sweets has now been limited to fruits (I swear, cakes & ice cream are out of my life now), I was okay with meatloaf for cupcakes.

I love how our cook plays with my food to keep me interested. <3 Can you see my tiki-shaped Beef bulgogi lunch? SO CUTE! And I like kimchi.. a lot! So lunch was definitely a win-win sitch for me.

I like mashed potato as much as the next guy & I thought I’d be missing it every time I’d go to Kentucky. But Paleo Manila proved they can replace all my cravings with something healthy. Sometimes it’s just the consistency of the food that we miss. And this mashed squash really resembled the consistency of my potato head favorite.

For my snacks-turned-desserts, I enjoyed the mango pudding a whole lot as well as the flourless muffins which tasted like carrot cupcake to me. My Paleo Manila team certainly got me covered. <3


Day 4

photo 5

Clockwise from left: Traditional shitake custard “chawanmushi”, The Butchery Jalapeno Sausage & Shrimp Jambalaya, Gluten-free Cinnamon Chia Muffins & Raw Banana Curried Patties, Southern Trio of Herbed Quartered Chicken with Roasted Grapes. ALL YUM for my Days 4 meals! <3


I loved ALL my Day 4 meals! <3 My breakfast was something I was very familiar with as MIL used to cook it all the time for us. But since she’s gotten older, she has stopped tinkering in the kitchen so I’ve missed this dish quite a bit. What a pleasant surprise to have this egg & mushroom custard for brekky! <3

Lunch was Jambalaya except the rice part was replaced with all-natural sausage & shrimps. This really was quite a big meal & kept me happy til dinnertime.

For dinner, I enjoyed my 3-pc. herbed chicken with some lettuce leaves to make sure my tummy doesn’t grumble in my sleep. Electricity has been out since Day 2 from the Glenda destruction so I needed a good night’s sleep to keep my energy level up.


Day 5


photo 4

Clockwise from left: Spiced Banana Porridge (meh), Skinny Chicken Sisig sauteed with Bone Marrow Fat served with CauliRice (good), Date & Cashew Power Bars (good) & Spaghetti Squash Chicken Fritters with Garlic Aioli (good), Balsamic Prune-Stuffed Chops & Broccoli with Homemade Ketchup (Yum!).


I don’t know why but I don’t particularly like quaker, oats & porridge so I didn’t touch my breakfast after 1 bite -just so I can say I gave it a try, lels. I had the snacks instead & enjoyed them immensely.

Lunch was chicken Sisig which I used as spread on my lettuce leaves. I think my tummy has adjusted nicely to my Paleo Manila diet that it doesn’t need snacks in between anymore as long as I have fruits with my meals as dessert. I also haven’t had any cravings so I’m very happy.

Dinner was pork chops which I have missed, so I had a nice meal with the fambam. Yes, I eat my meals with them. And no, I really & truly don’t get tempted with their food. I think the right frame of mind really helps. I’m determined to be healthy so I am not even remotely interested in their food. I hope my willpower will also apply to eating out! :P



And again, just like that, my 2nd week is over, and I’m still standing strong & proud. For my family, I can do this! <3 Thank you so much to all of your who have sent in words of encouragement & support. They may seem just words to you, but to me it’s everything.


Disclaimer: All my food posts from hereon out until August 12, 2014 were from previous food trips & have been scheduled for publishing way before I committed to Paleo Manila’s lifestyle change. Being a food blogger, I will still go to events from time to time & post photos of all the food served from various restos, but I will be choosing carefully what I eat, and only according to what is in the PALEO diet. I value PALEO MANILA’s support & confidence in me & I will do my best not to fall off the wagon, and achieve the goals they have set out for me.

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