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My Paleo Manila Diet: Week 11

People often ask me how I resist temptation, especially since they see me blogging about food 90% of the time. Lemme tell you, I’m no saint. I’ve just learned how to stop after 1 bite. For the first 2 months of my Paleo Manila diet, I was really strict about not cheating. Nothing & no one can make me eat outside what Paleo Manila delivers except for fruits, nuts & raw veggies. Those were the hardest months because I still craved all the bad foods. But I conditioned myself to really NOT taste anything because I knew I would fall off the wagon if I did. One teensy weensy bite, one taste was all it would have taken for me to drop everything. So I was really hard on myself those 2 initial months.




It was actually pretty easy for me not to give in to temptation¬† because I was dead set on starting to lose weight. And also because of my health scare. To date, I have lost 25 lbs. and although I am not as strict with myself as before, I still make myself stop after 1 taste. Life is all about living anyway. And I found that 1 small spoonful or forkful won’t kill you. And I put the stress on ONE & SMALL.

Now that my clothes are getting a bit loose, I have motivation to continue on my road to health & fitness. It’s not anymore because I have to, but more of because I want to. You have to WANT it badly to make it happen.




Being more of a FOOD blogger, and because of my foodie family, I am almost always at events -not that I’m complaining. We’re talking about a minimum of 3x/week, sometimes it’s even every day for a week. And so I don’t go crazy looking at my table mates wolfing down plate after plate of yummy edibles, I allow myself a spoonful. That way, I don’t go ballistic & think about it the whole day -therefore driving me crazy. Plus I always have Kap with me standing as my guardian angel so I don’t go overboard. It’s always good having a diet buddy to help & guide you. Just make sure that someone is a person who can actually talk some sense into you, and not a pushover.

But I’ve also noticed that my tastebud is somewhat whacked now. I find everything non-paleo either too salty or too sweet, so that’s good for me because I don’t enjoy sinful food as much as I used to anymore. Also, I worry about my weight now & I’m more conscious of what I put in my mouth & ultimately my body, because I am just now slowly enjoying my old clothes hiding at the back of my closet for the longest time.



.1) Minimize the Intensity


Curb cravings with 5 simple words: 5D’s – Distraction, Delay, Drink, Disgust, and Dance.


My Paleo Manila Diary, Week 11:





Day 1. Clockwise from left: Kale & Squash Frittata with tomato jam (good), Oven-baked chicken leg quarter and Yuca mash in citrus onion balsamic glaze (good), Moist dark chocolate crownies (omg Yum!) & Thai ginger pork bites (ok), and Soi chili fish cakes with pickled bokchoy (ok).


Day 2. Clockwise from left: Banana pancakes with raw cacao nibs & coco syrup (ok), Asian meatballs with sesame spaghetti squash (ok), Chopped salad of romaine, arugula & red beet (meg) & Power energy bars (omg Yum!), and Cider-brined bone-in chops with jicama sweet potato mash (good).



Day 3. Clockwise from left: Raw dark chocolate chia pudding with sliced bananas (omg Yum!), Slow-cooked chicken tikka masala with herbed caulirice (omg yum!), Ooey gooey butterscotch bars with raw cacao nibs (omg Yum!) & Filo’s felafel balls (meh), and Roasted pork loin with pan-fried apples & cinnamon sweet potatoes (ok).



Day 4. Clockwise from left: Colombian carimanolas yuca fritters with The Butchery’s jalapeno sausage (omg Yum!), Argentinian poached chicken breast fillets with homemade chimichurri (omg Yum!), Hawaiian tropical omeletter (yum!) & Citrus lemon loaf (yum!) and Cargrilled lemon buttered fish with roasted squash (omg Yum!).


Day 5. Clockwise from left: Gradma’s old-fashioned meatloaf cupcakes (yum!), Mexican pulled-pork with fried cajun plantains (yum!), Gluten-free Oreo cookies (omg Yum!) & Pinoy-style salted egg bibingka (omg Yum!), and 100% Guiltless korean bibimbap (omg yum!).


My 3rd month weighing in next week! Even though I’m so embarrassed to tell you how much I weighed when I started, I will still reveal. Because if I can make the change, so can you!

I’m still so very far from my ideal weight & size, but slowly & surely, I WILL GET THERE. <3

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