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My Paleo Manila Diet: Week 1

When I got my blood chemistry result a couple of months ago after more than a year on my maintenance meds, I was alarmed that in spite of my daily medications, my blood works still went up. I was a walking time bomb, and I feared for my life. What will happen to Kap & the kids if I were to go?


photo 4

This is my new blood chemistry result taken on the first day of my PM diet. As you can see, and in spite of my maintenance meds, the results were not very promising. But I am confident that gradually, my bloodworks will improve with the help of Paleo Manila.

photo 3

Now on top of my asthma, hypertension, perimenopausal & type-2 diabetes, I HAVE HYPERTHYROIDISM!! FML huhuhu! :'( I’m a walking time bomb. It’s only by God’s grace that I’m still alive!


I decided right there & then that I wanted to make a lifestyle change, not just to lose weight -although of course that will also come later (hopefully), but to get my body chemistry to a normal level & try to wean myself out of medications little by little.

In comes PALEO MANILA. I met with the 3 young but very driven owners of this door-to-door diet meal plan delivery service & we carefully mapped out my life in the following days to come. One slow but sure step at a time.


photo 2

First of all, I am a type-2 diabetic, although you wouldn’t know it by the way I eat my carbs & sweets. Scary, I know! Such hubris when it could end my life any moment. @_@ I am also hypertensive. My cholesterol & triglyceride levels are like, waaaay high. I am also taking 3 maintenance meds per meal time & you know what those do to the kidneys & liver. It was definitely time for a serious change. And I’m so grateful for the help of ISABELLE CHIANG, TRISHA LEE, and GENEVIEVE GABIONZA to ensure that I really take this diet to heart. It’s now or never, LIVE OR DIE! </3

Isabelle (who is incidentally JIN’s cousin & yes, comes from a family of foodies), Trisha, and Genevieve are childhood friends since Grade School who have full time jobs & businesses to run, but decided to venture into Paleo Diet mainly because they were concerned for the health & well-being of their parents. And the rest is as they say, history. Well, at least 2 months of history as they officially started accepting orders only this April of 2014. And to think they’re already always fully booked as of this writing!

photo 5

photo 4

Isabelle is in charge of R&D/Quality Analysis, Marketing & PR in conjunction with taking care of their family business, THE ORIGINAL SAVORY CHICKEN. She also deals with suppliers & customers and was in fact, the first person I got to know in the team. Trisha is in charge of recipes & the menu but Isabelle also helps her in the production -it’s basically a team work when it comes to coming out with yummy but healthy food. A business degree holder from Ateneo, Trisha went back to her first love after graduating & nurtured her passion for cooking. These 2 lovely ladies are the people responsible for all the gourmet yet healthy food that gets delivered to the clients. Genevieve is in charge of Finance & HR -the hiring of staff as well as the Operations -the delivery schedule & routes to the greater manila areas. They each hold important positions that are vital for the success of the team.

I finally got my weekly ration last week and I’d like to share my Paleo experience with you..



The 5-day Paleo Meal Plan consists of (5) meals/PER DAY: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 Snacks. Delivered to your chosen address 5 days a week. Saturdays & Sundays are considered “cheat days” but of course, all in moderation. I wouldn’t want to waste all that effort the first 5 days of the week on a weekend binge.

Because PALEO MANILA meals are made without preservatives, they should remain refrigerated and should not be kept for longer than (3) days. Meals are transported in microwave-safe containers at night to be enjoyed the next day. Upon delivery, it is advised to keep food refrigerated until ready to heat.



I love how Paleo Manila personalizes their service. They also have a 24 hour hotline, OMG! You can call or text them any time of the day for support! \m/


Doesn’t sound diet-y to me! <3


Day 1:


Clockwise from left: Gluten-free pancakes with 100% malagos chocolate (meh), Thai green curried shrimp balls with stir-fried vegetables (yum!), Avocado brownies (meh) & Candied curry nuts (yum!), Kaffir beef rendang with caulirice (good).


I have to admit, I didn’t like the “pancakes” much. But it tricked my mind into having a breakfast I really loved, so it’s all good. I can’t live without carbs for now, so seeing how they made a “pancake” out of a totally acceptable ingredient was really great. Seeing the package PM sent me the night before, my biggest worry was the portioning. My tummy (and my mind) is used to HUGE portions & the pack they sent me for the entire day was like good for 1 sitting for me, lels. So I added some fruits to my pancake breakfast. What’s good about PM is anything you can hunt or gather, you can eat. And since I wasn’t on calorie count, I could afford to add anything for my first week while my tummy is still adjusting as long as it was within the caveman principle -and in moderation of course.



Having said that, I LOVED MY LUNCH! <3 It was spicy & flavorful. It’s true when PM said that herbs & spices will be my best friend in my journey. It didn’t feel like what I was eating was diet food, really. It had all the wonderful flavors I would normally get if I ate out. My breakfast actually got me full that I didn’t need my snack. So I made it my dessert instead. It was generally a happy lunch for me! <3 PM encourages you to add a side dish of salad (watch the dressing!) with every meal if you’re still hungry. And I have my crunchy vegges on hand for when the munchies attack. Good thing I love carrots & celeries! <3 Believe me, sometimes the crunch is enough.



Dinner proved to be a dilemma for me as I already said yes to an event way before I went on board PM. I still ate my PM portion (which I thought was quinoa but as it turns out, cauliflower pala!) so I wouldn’t be starving at the event. You know what starved people do.. THEY BINGE! So I was quite ok at the event & chose carefully what I ate (luckily roasted steak was served so I was safe. That’s what I had & skipped bread, coffee, soda & dessert. I was pretty proud of myself!). I still had a great time with Kap keeping me company & serving as my support system making sure I didn’t fail on my very first day! :P The sweetness & attention he provided was worth more than the dessert. ;) #echoseranglanggam


photo 1photo 2

I also got re-acquainted with my NUGA BEST massage bed. :P It’s been collecting dust all summer long that I decided to make good my investment & start using it again. I plan on incorporating it with a daily 30 minute (which will increase gradually -don’t worry) walk on my treadmill now that the weather is flaky. For those of you interested in NUGA BEST’s health benefits, do read my previous post HERE. You can also use it for FREE at mall outlets!


photo 2

That wand on my right hand is infrared for my fatty liver. I don’t know why I stopped using my bed when it’s just in my room! @_@


Day 2:


Clockwise from left: Spiced pork empanada (good), Roasted chicken with citrus onion balsamic glaze (yum!), tropical hawaiian banana papaya cup (good) & old-fashioned herbed english biscuit (ok), Pesce/fish en salsa with spring vegetables (good).


Breakfast was Pork Empanada but instead of carbs as the wrapper, my PM team used sweet potatoes & a secret ingredient that made it oh so crunchy! <3 What’s great about Paleo Manila is they use substitutes for “sinful” food, tricking my mind into satisfying my craving for carbs while my body was slowly adjusting.

I was pleasantly surprised with my Roasted Chicken with Citrus Onion Balsamic Glaze lunch. I swear I thought I was eating Duck a l’orange! Ftw, Paleo Manila, this is diet food? I so loved the orange-y flavors. And because I love my dessert, I saved the snacks that Paleo Manila sent & had them after my main meals as sweet endings. Replacing them with my veggie sticks in between to keep me full.

Dinner was fish fillet. The salsa made it interesting. I love Paleo Manila’s flavorings! And what I do so I keep full is I ask our cook to add lettuce to my meals. I had a good nights sleep. And the funny thing is, because I don’t go to bed full anymore, my snoring has lessened. I had a rude wakening at 2AM when Kap woke me up in the middle of the night because He thought something was wrong with me since I wasn’t snoring! @_@ Nakaka-awa sya! Akala nya binangungot ako sa gutom hay!


Day 3:


Clockwise from left: Hawker sty;e scallion pancakes with “soy” ginger sauce (yum!), Spanish style mackerel escabeche with roasted peppers (ok), Organic greens watermelon salad in paleo balsamic oil (ok), dirty harry/liver sweet potato fries (okay), and Lemongrass chicken with mango-raisin chutney (yum!).


I had lesser hunger pangs on my 3rd day. On my second day I kept getting hungry every 2 hours so I ate a banana & my veggie sticks in between meals.

For breakfast I had savory pancakes, so Yay! This was actually better than the pancakes from the first day -maybe because of the consistency. Or I’m getting used to the Paleo Manila diet. I woke up at 9 am, ate my breakfast & went about my day feeling full, I promise you.

Lunch was sardines. I’m fond of sardines so this didn’t pose as a problem. Again, I added lettuce just so it can tide me over to the next meal. I didn’t have a need to munch on my veggie sticks but I did sleep the whole afternoon. I always feel sluggish in the afternoon so I need naps. I found out from my new doctor that it’s also due to my NEW thyroid problem. The more I want to eat healthy! Nakakatakot. Padagdag ng padagdag! I also ate my rationed watermelons for dessert instead of snack since I didn’t see a need for it mid-day.

My Dinner was 3 chicken lollipops with veggies. I was full from my rationed meal with the added lettuce, but because I wanted something sweet & crunchy, I ate a red juicy apple with my meal. Feeling ko lang si Snow White ako! ;)


Day 4:

Day 4

Clockwise from left: Omu-Caulirice with Pan-fried Salmon (good), Lean salisbury steak with roasted squash mash in mushroom gravy (yum!), Roasted tumeric taro root (yum!) & pulled pork tamales (meh), and Oven-baked pork chops with braised apples, bacon & cabbage (good).


Breakfast was omelet with salmon. I added a banana for good measure to keep me going until lunchtime. The serving was enough for me since I wasn’t a working girl. For those who are, I suggest for the first week you incorporate fruits & lettuce to your meal for a feeling of fulness.

My happy lunch was a lean salisbury steal which I enjoyed especially the roasted squash mash. I also ate some of my veggie sticks because my tummy has expanded with the years of overeating so I’m still training it to take in a much smaller serving. :P

The girls & I watched  a movie after picking up my Lovey from school. I was pretty proud of myself for holding off from popcorn & my usual soda & snacks. I really really was! :) The girls were a big help too as they also restrained themselves. My poor girls, having to sacrifice with their mom. They are my source of strength. <3

Dinner was pork chops. Since I didn’t get to eat my snacks, I paired those with my dinner & a bunch of grapes for dessert. I loved the peppery taro & it kept me full. Nothing beats going to bed on a happy stomach. The Tamales I didn’t care for much.

Day 5:


Clockwise from left: Ground bacon & pork squash frittata (yum!), Angel flake coconut cake (omg YUM!), Sweet & Sour meatballs with Asian sesame spaghetti squash (yum!), Flourless choco banana crepe wit roasted cashew bits (omg YUM!), and Carribean-style grilled pork with winter beet salad (good).


I loved my breakfast of frittata with bacon bits. I like how my mind was thinking potatoes, but I was eating squash in reality. I think squash is a great alternative because my breakfast was a combination of sweet & salty instead of just salty all around. I added orange slices as my dessert. <3

Lunch was meatballs with squash “spaghetti”. As Ate & I had a date, we packed our lunch & ate in the car. :P Upside is, more shopping money for her because we saved on lunch! ;))



Ate’s healthy lunch of salmon & organic black rice with french beans, and my PALEO MANILA lunch of “spaghetti & meatballs”.


Dinner was shortribs which I found a bit lacking coz as you know, ribs is mostly buto so I added an all-natural tomato soup for my meal. For my desserts, can I just rave on how much I LOVED the angel coconut cake & choco banana crepe??? <3 Omg if my desserts will always be as good as these, I’m set for life! <3



And just like that, my 1 week is done. Having tried the Paleo Manila diet for 5 consecutive days, I am confident that  I can stick with this & do it long term. I’m really really serious about changing my lifestyle so I can be healthy for my family, with Paleo Manila’s support. This is one chance I’m not gonna pass up. Thank you PALEO MANILA for coming into my life when I needed you the most! <3



As I wrap up my 1 week PALEO MANILA diet, may I just share my thoughts..


As I wrap up the first week on my @paleomanila diet, allow me to share my thoughts.. While calorie-counting may work with other dieters, it won’t really work for me. With calorie counting, I can eat cake all day as long as I adhere to the daily allowable calorie count, but that simply won’t do. Aside from the fact that my main target is eating healthy -to lower my blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Calorie counting will just make me hungry all day long & crave. Not to mention grumpy. Paleo Manila works best for me in a way that I am allowed to eat other food aside from the rationed delivery as long as I eat on the caveman principle -anything hunted & gathered by our ancestors thousands of years ago is ok. This is why I know I will be successful in my #paleomanila journey. I know myself, and I know my limitations. PALEO MANILA makes it possible for me to be on a diet, eat healthy, and still enjoy life with my family daily. Suddenly, my dieting days don’t look so gloomy anymore! ❤️ – Jane Go a.k.a. SUGARGOSPICE.COM


Disclaimer: All my food posts from hereon out until August 12, 2014 were from previous food trips & have been scheduled for publishing way before I committed to Paleo Manila’s lifestyle change. Being a food blogger, I will still go to events from time to time & post photos of all the food served from various restos, but I will be choosing carefully what I eat, and only according to what is in the PALEO diet. I value PALEO MANILA’s support & confidence in me & I will do my best not to fall off the wagon, and achieve the goals they have set out for me.

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