My Lovely Dust Coat

Dinuguan. That’s what I had after my week-long fast. I know, weird craving right? I thought it would be a thick juicy steak, or a thick juicy burger at least. But no, my tummy wanted DINUGUAN! :P And I thought I didn’t like filipino food teehee! So yeah, I had a hot bowl of thick, gooey, perfect combination of spicy & sour DINUGUAN! :P

Just dinuguan. No Rice. I know! @_@

Fasting really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I actually enjoyed my week-long commune with God & I feel refreshed & renewed (thank you, Jesus). Would I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat! ;)

Now that I have jump-started my “diet” mode, wish me luck as I embark on my renewed journey to really GO on a diet this year. Haha I know, I know! How many times have I “started” & never really pushed through!! :P But this time, I hope it’s for real. I’m thinking of a 1-meal-a-day plan with my kadiri juice concoction for breakfast & dinner. We shall see! ;)

Anyways.. my sweets are really just the best kids in the whole wide world! <3 They SURPRISED me with a gift for finishing the fast! And they did it under my nose too -which is no small feat coz I’m always in their faces haha! Actually, ate was the brain behind my surprise, then got the 2 siblings & my hunny bun involved so the prize will be quintuply dearer to me -and it sure is! :)

What a surprise! <3
I feel sooooo loved!
My babyson: Love you Mom
My hunny bun: You’re sexy na. Keep it up. (Hay just like him to be so antipatiko!) ;)) 
Sweets from my sweet girls! <3 

What a lovely Dust Coat from Criselda Lontok! <3
Just perfect because we have a wedding to attend next month.
And I have just the perfect black inner dress for it.
Thank you ate. Thank you people I love!! <3
Seriously. What would my life be without you guys??? <3

With such a loving support group, how could I fail, right? My family is God’s biggest blessing to me. Thank you Jesus! m/

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