My little Artist!

I’m oh so proud of my eldest daughter! :) Don’t get me wrong, I love all my kids equally & I’m proud of their individual accomplishments, but I’m dedicating this page to my Ate who will always hold a special place in my heart for being my FIRST! ;)

Even at age 1, she has surprised me with her ability in solving disney SHAPE puzzles. Right there & then I knew she was somethin’ special! :) And even now, she continues to amaze me every day, I learn something new about her that puts a smile (sometimes a frown.. but mostly smiles) on my face.
Just recently, she has taken up painting as a hobby. I’ve tried to get her to enroll under “masters”, but she likes to be unconventional & doesn’t like restrictions & conformity! :P

Here are some of her recent works..



Helping my babyson with a sports banner for school (Their team was the Blue Sharks)
This was at my Mom’s house. She did it super fast lang -like 2 hours.
Her art teacher messed up her drawing, so here she is making some revisions & coloring over.

She is just so brilliant & artistic, I think she got this from my Dad who was also a leftie & liked to paint. And it doesn’t stop here. The way she dresses is so amazing that sometimes I wonder where she gets her style from (certainly not from me hehe!) She always manages to put together an outfit that brings out the best feature in her.

She is also incredibly smart! I nag & nag her to study and I swear, I think it takes her 15 minutes tops to learn everything she needs. Imagine what more if she would take it to heart & REALLY study! (*hint hint, i hope you’re reading this, ate!)
Lately, I’ve been nagging her no end to study for her college entrance exams but the more I nag her the more she resists so I just hope to high heavens that she is really as bright as she thinks she is! ;P
At the back of my mind, deep within the walls of my heart, I KNOW she will get in to any college she applies in. I have faith in her abilities, but it’s my job as her mom to remind her that sometimes, we all need that extra push.
Sometimes, at night, as my children sleep. I watch them with amazement. I think of how blessed I am to have been given these 3 wonderful unique individuals who make my heart oh so happy. Thank you so much God, for my children who are the reason for my being. Please bless them with everything that is good & beautiful & wonderful. Amen.
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