My Kuya

Tuesday, I wasn’t able to go with ate to school since it was my kuya’s 50th birthday! <3 Of course I had to make sure my kuya felt special on his birthday, so I excused myself from my mommy duties for a night.

My kuya is really my cousin. Our moms are siblings. But she passed while my kuya was still a child due to Lupus. So my Mom sorta took him in, along with his sister, whom I also consider as my very own.

Two of my people! ;)

All 4 of us grew up together, so I really felt like I had a kuya growing up. He is the sweetest, dearest, kindest kuya anyone can ever have. <3 He always helps me out. He is the first one to come to my family’s events or parties to help me out, and the last one to leave -making sure everything has been covered before he does. He really takes his job as the eldest seriously! ;)

He asked me for recommendations on where we can celebrate his birthday dinner. Of course only one name comes to mind.. OMAKASE! :D

That’s my sister on the leftmost. And my sister-in-law beside me.
Boo.. ate is sorely missing! :'((
Si Mommy talaga.. kung saan saan nakatingin, hay! @_@

My kuya@ <3 TOPGUN talaga ang dating! ;)) (top gone.. get it???)
All together now! :)

I love you, kuya! <3 Thank you for loving me & for treating me like your real sister. You have done so much for me & my family. I just want you to know that I super kaduper appreciate you!! m/ One day, pag rich na ako, pa-retire na talaga kita. I will buy you a farm-con-fish pond so you can relax na & enjoy your golden years.

May you have many more birthdays to come, kuya! May God grant you good health & long life in the years to come! :-*

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