My Kap, err.. Kagawad!

Warning. This post is even more photo-loaded than the usual. And may be a bit boring coz it focuses on Kap, not ME, lels! And it’s mostly in Filipino –masa tayo today! :P YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Kap is SUCH a busybody. Both the figurative & literal meaning. Paki-alamerong mahilig magbisi-bisihan! :P So when our dear kuya MIKE TENSUAN invited him to run as his Kagawad for TEAM ALAGA, YES agad si Kap!

Go for sports, Lim for __, Suntay for health, Calugcug for environment, Mendoza for the Youth, Mendoza for the Senior Citizens, & Guerrero for Women’s rights.

This is actually his 2nd time to run as Kagawad for our barangay. The first time was back in 2007 where he also ran with kuya Mike, both of them as councilors. He came very close to winning -40 points short. He placed #8. Unfortunately, 7 was the cut-off line. Kuya Mike was #1.

I thought I’d have him all to myself again after his month-long Petron stint, but boy was I wrong. He delved deeply into the campaign as soon as he could. Parang mas hindi ko pa yata siya nakikita now, hmp! :P So I really had to squeeze myself into his sorties just so I could be with him. #dakilangAlalay

At the certificate of registration. Again, si Kap lang ang may alalay #angclingyko . I just said.. photographer ako & went on ahead into the van! :P

Totoo naman noh, they were able to use my photos kaya! :P


At the drawing of lots for the billboard placement. (Oh yes, importante sa kanila ang tamang placement! Ayan oh, nag heads or tails pa talaga sila for the locashen, locashen, locashen!)

Each Team represent. Performance (Pol Reyes), Action (Archie Lacson), and ALAGA!

Gitna kami, YAY! :P


With Mayor Jaime Fresnedi of Muntinlupa..

With brother Mike Velarde of El Shaddai..

Hala pati na si Ian.. ;P

At the Medical, SURGICAL, & Dental Mission sponsored by Hapee Toothpaste & Lamoiyan Corporation..

Hapee was a happy sponsor of our medical, surgical, & dental mission. The matriarch of the Lamoiyan Group of Companies is incidentally my mom’s cousins & the lovely couple stood (or in this case, SAT) as Godparents in our wedding. (Back when I still had bones to show… but enough about me coz this is supposed to be Kap’s moment! :P )

Free shuttle around the village to transport the residents to & from District 2 Pavillion. Yes, ito na ang nabanggang jeep ni Kap. Ayos na! ;))

Ate pimped up the tarps for the Libreng Sakay! Thank you my ever precious & artistic ate! <3


Syempre una ako! High blood?!? 160/100 my gulay. Excited much?? Catapres STAT!

My mudrabells a.k.a. Dr. OB-Gyn also came to support. Kunwari close sila ni Kap hehe! ;))

1-2-CLICK! Ay, nagulat silang mag-balae! ;))

She even brought some of her team with her! <3 The nurses were *VITAL* in taking the vital signs of all the registrants. ;) Thank you so much mommmyyy & team LPC!!! :-*

At! May libreng gamot pa for Juan & all! ;) Sila na ang KLAZZ!


Ultrasound. Walang nakitang baby sa tiyan ko! All fats.

Operating on minor cysts.

Libreng bunot! Ng ngipin..


The Lamoiyan Corp. lends this mobile dental clinic out to missions. Just send a letter addressed to Mr. Cecilio K. Pedro.

Parang lounge ng mobile bar! ;) Mahiram nga minsan..


The Dental Team from Perpetual Help University.

At The Candidates Forum at the Ayala Alabang Country Club..


Briefing the candidates of the order & sequence. Kasama rin talaga ako sa loob lels. I’m my hunny’s Plus-1! :P

Team Action, Team ALAGA, and Team Performance.

My Kap! <3 And again, I eff’d up his speech video. Ang galing ko talaga! :'((



At the motorcade..

I’m so blessed to have such a supportive Kuya who is always ready & able to assist us in any way! <3

and kids of course! ;) Who would do just about anything for their daddy.

On to the Meeting de Avance that same day..


LSS: Team ALAGA.. team team ALAGA! m/

The supportive mudras. ;)

Meeting de Avance, isang paraan upang makilala ng botateng mamamayan ang mga taong lumalahok sa halaan. Dito inilalahad ng mga kandidato ang kanilang mga plataporma at programa. Subalit sa gawain ding ito nagkakaroon ng batuhan ng putik ang magkalabang kandidato at iyon minsan ang inaabangan ng mga tagapakinig.


and kids. <3

And finally at the Elections..

While their dad & I were inside voting, this is what they were busy with when not giving away fliers.. PILATES! @_@

Sadly, Kap didn’t make it to the magic 7. Only 1 from Team Alaga made it, and we are just so very proud of Dr. Lester Suntay, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, who came out as the #1 Kagawad. m/ He is so deserving of his position. We have known him for 20 years, he is the ninong to our babyson, and we can vouch that he has a pure & good heart, willing to serve. Even before his foray into politics, he has already been doing mission work for the underprivileged.  Our barangay is lucky to have him as an official.

Congratulations to the new barangay group. You all deserve the position. We know that you will do your best to make Ayala Alabang Village shine even brighter!

Our new barangay captain effective December 01, 2013. He will serve for 3 terms.

Kapitan: Ruben Baes
1. Lester Suntay
2. Paul Meim
3. Pat Bocobo
4. Mon De Leon
5. Ricky Presa
6. Archie Lacson
7. Boy Zara

Special thanks to our kids who have been so patient with their dad’s busy schedule, sometimes not getting to see him at all for a whole day. They were so sweet & thoughtful for making their dad feel 10 feet tall after his loss in the election..

This really made me ROFL! ;))

We love you Honey, and in our eyes, you will always be a winner & our HERO! <3


Speaking of service & heroes, please click HERE to read Jin’s blog regarding donation centers for the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda. Be a HERO yourself by sending used clothes & shoes, FOOD & WATER to the people of Tacloban who are in dire need of assistance ASAP. Let’s not wait for CHRISTmas before we let loose the spirit of giving. Let’s do it NOW, when it really counts. <3



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