My Holiday Gift Guide

My niece came home for a short vacation from Italy where she is currently working as a tour guide (hurrah for euro tips!!!). She is the daughter of my beloved kuya. <3 Good thing too, coz I got to shop in Duty Free, yay! (My privilege card expired already, boohoo!) m/

Quick lunch stop at luk foo with my beloved Kuya, sis-in-law, and niece! ;)

My christmas shopping was really late this year. Normally papasok pa lang ang November I’m almost done with my christmas shopping. However, with ate’s debut, then pageant so close to one another, I really didn’t have time to shop. As in 2nd week of november na ako naka-start!!!

It’s so hard to buy CHRISTmas gifts for everyone you know AND LIKE -especially when you’re in a rush. ;) First, there is the budget constraint -you most certainly don’t want to use up all your funds in the bank! :P Next is the TIME -you don’t want to camp out in the mall the whole week bumping chest to chest with all the other christmas shoppers. Hayz! So you really need to go generic. @_@

Of course there’s a handful that you really take the time to buy personalized gifts for, but for everyone else, chocolates & wine are a safe bet. Sure to be enjoyed for the holiday season! After all, it’s the thought that counts, not the cost! ;)

There’s a new Victoria’s Secret shop in DF!!!

But of course my girlies won’t let the chance pass up!
KKS din sila! (Kanya-kanyang-shopping!) :P
Yes.. I went GAGA panic-buying for CHRISTmas gifts! :P
My accompices who helped me. (taga-pila & taga-buhat for short hahaha!!!)

 So.. what did I buy?

For the sosi friend, GODIVA chocolates (singles)
$36 for a pack of 3 (roughly 500 php each for SIX pcs. of chocolates!!! @_@)
This ballotin from chocolatiers Godiva contains a luxurious selection of heart-shaped milk, white and dark chocolates.
More chocolates.
GuyLian Belgian Chocolates, our personal favorite.
$26 for a pack of 3. Or roughly 400 php per box.
and even more chocolates! ;))
$37 for a pack of 7. Or roughly 250 php/box.
And EVEN MORE pasalubong packs for the kids’ classmates. Family friends. And other people you need to give gifts to in general, hahaha!! :P $31-36 per bundle.
Wine galore for the men..

For the men..
$60 for a case of 10 CHILEAN assorted wine.
Or roughly 250 php/bottle. I think in S&R they are selling this for around 475 php/bottle?
Free wine chiller. 
Assorted pack includes merlot & white.
And for the family/inaanak.. CHIPS -never gets old. Plus, the kids will surely love it! <3
Assorted chips $13.20 for a pack of 6. Or roughly 500 php/bag!
Bentang benta sa mga bagets! ;)

 And now, I can finally breathe & relax. Done with my christmas shopping, YAY!

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