My daughter, the Prom Princess…

02.12.11 … The most anticipated day. This was my beloved daughter’s first JS Prom ever and it’s serious! ;) From what she will wear, who she will wear.. down to her shoes & make-up, everything MUST BE perfect for my baby girl.

So, after finding her perfect dress, a very elaborate Pepsi Herrera creation. Her perfect shoes, a 5-inch fierce heels by Lila Almario. Her perfect make-up & accessories.. it was finally THE night that we (my co-parent organizers & I) have worked so hard for. THE PROM!

Holding her Pepsi Herrera dress..
This set me back 25 grand, but was sooo worth it. <3
Her Lila Almario custom-made killer heels.
Make-up by my own long-time, tried & tested make-up artist Jeric.
With the alalays. Also gussying up! ;))
Tada.. my very own “Bratz” doll with her prom date..

My own high school prom can be described as “BLEH” at best, so I had fun indulging my baby girl on what I hope was “an affair to remember” for her.

Cheers to my co-parent organizers who took time, effort & MOOHLAH of course to make this the perfect prom for our kids..

6 of the 7 parent organizers!
With her 2 classmates wearing Kate Torralba (blue) & Mich Dulce (yellow)..
all fantabulous dresses!!!

Theme of the night was “Oscars”, thus the statuettes.. Since they were just less than 25 (dates included!),  we decided to give each one special awards based on their celebrity counterparts. My sweetheart got the Kesha award because of her bling/glam style.

Icing on the cake was my very own daughter being named Best Supporting Actress (Prom Princess).. I was the happiest & proudest mom in the room! m/

Mayor Dors &  Mr. Ricketts as presentors..

To you, my precious, I hope you take this memory with you with great fondness, knowing that Mommy gave you her 100%. I love you so much.. to the moon & back. Congratulations, my prom princess. I’m so proud of you! :-*

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