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My Crossfit MNL Experience

So. I tried Crossfit Manila for the first time last week. In my heart I was really doubtful because of all my illnesses. Add to that the age factor & my uber sedentary lifestyle. But I still gave it a try because I want to experience everything while I can, and live to tell. Besides, my friends from Paleo Manila & Crossfit Manila gifted me with this wonderful opportunity so who was I to waste it.

Ate & my Lovey were so sweet to go with me on my first day. They said they would take me to BOOTCAMP since I also always take them on their first days to school. <3 Girls are the sweetest. So that eased my apprehension somewhat. Ate decided to join so she could assist me, while my Lovey was the camera (wo)man (Thank you baby girl!). Somebody had to take photos, this was a once in a lifetime thing, lels! :)



My darling Ate who partnered up with me for a boost of confidence, with Coach MINA CALUPITAN.



Bootcamp task: Looks easy? Believe me. IT’s NOT!


Ate was so sweet to hold my hand to keep me from going out the door & saying goodbye hahaha! :P


We started off with a leisurely 1 minute jog outside. One minute was all it took to take my breath away. My Gosh! I am SO out of shape & I’m so ashamed to realize how bad my lifestyle has been leading to this day.

Next were a series of lunges & squats. 30 minutes in & I was panting, sweating profusely & seeing stars. I was puking my gut out (you know, the kind where nothing but bitter water comes out but your tummy keeps contracting?). Add to that the back of my head started throbbing which is what I feel when my blood pressure is way up. I though I was going to pass out with my head in the toilet.



See Ate jog! :)


Then see me SORT OF jog! I look like a pregnant woman ready to pop! :P


See Ate crawl.


See me ATTEMPT to crawl OMG! :’)) I can’t even bend down. THIS IS SO EMBARASSING!


See Ate sqwalk (squat & walk).


And see me doing something else entirely different LOLZ! My joints are so stiff & my old bones ricketty I can’t even squat properly! @_@ Nakakahiya sa mga kasabayan ko!


See Ate squat. At ginawa pa siyang example talaga, my fit & fab Ate. Proud mommy moment ako! She worked so hard to get in shape & I’m just realizing now how hard it was for her.


And see ME squat. hirap na hirap talaga. Ate had to help me so I could go lower. :P


Hay. Raise the roof!


Ate was my partner & was encouraging me every step of the way but I had to leave midway as I couldn’t breath inside the warehouse. All I could manage was 30 minutes & already, I felt the walls closing in on me. In fairness, I really did my best & kept going even though I was seeing stars & moon!




My attempt at lunges. Naawa naman ako sa sarili ko hahaha! Look at the fit people behind me. They were probably wondering if I went in the wrong warehouse! ;))




At age 45, with hypertension & type 2 diabetes and having lived a very sedentary lifestyle, I have to say that this type of workout is really not up my alley.

For now I really have to work my way up slowly but surely until I get fit & ready enough for Crossfit. I’m not closing my door, I’m leaving a teeny tiny crack open for when I get fit enough to be able to go back.

So it’s just you & me now, my hateful treadmill! :P I’m sorry for disappointing you my dear readers. I gave it my best but my best just wasn’t good enough

Thank you Paleo Manila & Crossfit Manila for this opportunity but I really really can’t do it at this point. I promise to build up my strength & go back with a vengeance when my body deems it fit.



For now, Ate will be my fitness coach & do the level of exercise that my body will allow. I wanna be fit & fab but I don’t want to die trying. I know my body & I can only push it so much. Thank you so much Ate for always being my rock! <3


This is not GAME OVER. It’s just a pause until I get my strength & I can face my challenges head on. ;)

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