My Binondo Girl

My honey wanted to go all-out chinese for his little party tonight with his tennis friends. So early morning, we trekked off to chinatown for food & ingredients..

I just LOVE chinatown. Don’t you??? <3

And if you know me by now, you know how I easily get sidetracked by anything cute or shiny! ;)) Saw these delightful little things from Wei Wei Cold Store so I just had to make a quick stop!!!

bola-bola assortment for shabu-shabu..
Hmmnnn.. Great idea for our sunday lunch next week! ;)
732 T. Alonzo St., Sta. Cruz, Manila
7334608, 7334619

packing!!! ;)
We finally get to 1 of our MANY destinations for the day! @_@
Chinese mushrooms for the Patatim..

and kuapao.. to hold the patatim & mustasa together! ;))
Got distracted again by this green sticky thing with veggies & minced pork as filling.
Had to taste.. Yummy! <3
Then on to Country’s chicken. We love it’s special spicy sauce!! <3
and the plump & juicy chicken!! <3
Then wai-ying for roasted duck & pork asado.

Got those 2 for our sunday lunch with the mudras.. ;)
and this as pasalubong for my babyson who LOVES siomai!!!
Do you know that this is President’s yummy siomai???
Only 300php/pack of 20. 
Sidetracked YET AGAIN with this yummy machang
Which, of course, I had to have right there & then! ;))
Bought fruits..
Watched this man peel sugar cane! ;))
Wanted to have some but I was afraid it might get my already high blood sugar, well, HIGH! @_@
and bought “ang pao” (money envelope)
Christmas time is around the corner.. gotta be prepared for those unexpected munchkins!!! :P
And who can resist castanas???
All these accumulated load & only 4 items crossed from our list, hahaha!!!
My honey, at this point, was already CRANKY with me! :P
My poor hunny breathed a sigh of relief when we finally made it to New Eastern
for the fresh lumpia, hehe! :P

and whad’ya know!!! Another distraction!!
Of course we have to try our luck, are you kidding???
It’s my hunny’s birthday!!! <3
But God says:
No my dear, you are already TOO blessed!
And He’s right! :))

Passed by Diao Eng Chay on our way back to the car… they have the YUMMIEST pastry snacks, I tell you!!! So how can I resist going in right??? ;)

Pianono and other yummy delicacies!! <3
and of course CHAMPOY for the mudras! ;)
And finally, armed with all our packages, WE ARE DONE!!! :) But oh so famished! So we had lunch at..

Maki-mi for everyone!!! m/

Many thanks to my Binondo girl who took care of me the whole time, making sure I don’t trip OR slip. Out of all my kids, she is the one who truly loves going to binondo, a girl after my own heart, hahaha! :P Ate is too sosi for binondo. My babyson naman is too tamad! :P So thank you, my lovey, for always shadowing me. I enjoyed spending the day with you!!! :-*

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