My babies are now certified young ladies!!!

Two memorable things happened the other day…

One, my baby (sigh.. moan.. flash flood of tears..) TURNED into a young lady! ;P It’s official!! I’m really old na, no more baby in the house! :'((

My kikay baby THEN..
My kikay dalagita NOW!
Two, my dalaga finally got her student’s permit. A driver’s permit in 3 months! She’s legally allowed to drive na!!! Ohhhhhhh Noooooooo!!! Winnnnnggggggssssssssssss!!! @_@

From an awkward “ugly duckling” THEN hehehe… JOKE!!
Add a dab of ate’s favorite lipstick..
* sorry, Ate’s Paul & Joe lipstick is just too cute I HAD to stick it in here somewhere! ;))
To a beautiful, elegant swan NOW! ;)

My 2 precious girls! No longer babies!! I’m now officially in a state of PANIC!!! Especially since ate will be able to go places soon without needing Mommy Dearest to drive her here, there & everywhere!!! :'((

Here are some of my ate’s pics at the Land Transportation Office…

Filling up the application form for a Student’s Permit.
Waiting to have her “mug shot” taken! ;))
“MUG SHOT” ;))
“Autograph signing” next! ;P
Tada!!! Ate’s WING!!! She will soon FLY!!! @_@
Not too high, I hope!

They grow up way too fast! Sometimes I’m afraid to even blink for fear that I’ll miss parts of their growing up years! Love you guys! Take your time growing up! :-*

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