My Asthmatic Family!

My poor babies! :( Out of anything they can inherit from me, they get asthma pa of all things! ALL my kids have it. Ate has lung asthma. My babyson & lavinia have both skin AND lung asthma! :((

One of the many thing that triggers lung asthma is respiratory infections (coughs/colds). Based on my experience, that’s the worst trigger. Dust & allergies you can avoid with the help of antihistamines. But respiratory illnesses are unavoidable. Even with mega doses of vitamins, which I bombard them with!

My babyson came home from school the other day with the worst case of sniffles. I knew an asthma attack wasn’t far behind. And true enough, he was wheezing by night time! :( It’s been 2 days and he’s still not well enough to go back to school (which he hates. Funny thing how my kids just LOVE school! @_@)

My poor babyson… balot na balot! :(
If I turn off the aircon he has difficulty breathing.
If I keep it on naman he gets cold. Sigh!!!

His girl best friend sent him all the homework & advise on quizzes. Plus her geometry notebook -how sweet! (I can’t believe he missed 4 quizzes in just 1 day. Grabe naman his school!!! @_@)

Through the years & based on my experience, I noticed how friendship with the opposite sex is the best because there’s no rivalry, petty jealousies & cattiness. Everything is so simple. On the other hand, emotional strings may be there too, unknowingly by 1 party, so you also have to watch out for that! But so far my babyson’s friendship seem to be platonic & real.

On Yena’s birthday.
My babyson gave her socks! (yes socks from to shop, the printed ones. She loves them, don’t know why! :P)
and balloons! :)
So, to thank her for her thoughtfulness, we bought her donuts.. which she loves! ;) Of course I also have to buy for my own brood -because they are such hungry alligators!!! :P

One thing about asthma is it’s controlled naman as long as he takes his medication & inhalers.
But he can’t engage in sports or be too tired.
So my babyson was my shadow the whole 2 days. How fun for me haha! <3

hahaha all these for my hungry alligators.
Their supply for the rest of the week!!!
Ate has been harping about Auntie Anne’s, so I got her those too.

Later, my hunny & I have a date. A halo-halo date at the Pen. I guess my babyson will just have to tag along! ;)
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