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Museum Cafe Turns 11

Museum Cafe at Greenbelt 4 turns 11, imagine that! And the GOppets have never stepped inside. Paano, when you say Greenbelt, the first thing that comes to mind is.. SHOPPING! Aminin. So eating really isn’t our priority. (Blame it on Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton & friends). That, and the name of the Cafe connotes.. uhmm antiques? So yeah, we have never set foot inside. *gasp


Imagine my surprise when we found out Museum Cafe serves a mean Sunday Brunch! I’m talking about fresh oysters, giant shrimps & mussels. An assortment of cheese that would put most restaurant’s offerings to shame. Cold appetizers & cured meats PLUS the one & only magical word that can make me run. DESSERT! And these are all UNLIMITED.

Museum Cafe offers Sunday Boutique Brunch from 10 am to 3pm for only 988++ with live jazz music while you eat. Pig out on unlimited appetizer, salad & dessert buffet of yummy pastries, cakes, fruits & cereals. Then choose a main meal to go with your fiesta.


Choose one from the following: US beef belly garlic tapa, Alaminos longganisa, Crispy pork belly chips, Bangus belly bistek style. Go asian with Noodles or Congee. Or go global with either an Eggs benedict, Grilled porkchops, Beer battered fish & chips, Seafood Linguine, US beef burger, or Chicken Tandoori!

Feeling galante? Spoil yourself & get unlimited bubblies for an additional 495++. It’s Sunday anyway -splurge, indulge, and relaaaaax. Bring the kids & pay only 550++ for 12 & under. Sulit na sulit!

Museum Café

G/F Greenbelt 4, Makati Ave. cor Dela Rosa St. Ayala Center, Makati (02) 757-3000




Pile up your plate with Jamon Serrano, Chorizo Iberico, Smoked Salmon..






.. and a wild assortment of cheeses like Ate’s ultimate favorite (she kept going back for this particular cheese), the coconut cheese, Parmesan, green/bleu cheeses like gorgonzola and many more!



My svelte & body conscious Ate was happy with the bread spread. Multi-grain is her friend! :P



To be honest, I was surprised when she kept going back for more of this Coconut Cheese. I must look for where I can get hold of this particular cheese for my precious.



Meanwhile, I enjoyed spreading these on crackers paired with figs & dried fruits.



My first happy plate! :)




For 988++, sulit na the price for this seafood spread alone. I know I shouldn’t have, but I kept going back for the fresh Aklan oysters. Definitely gonna pay for that within the day. But who cares. #YOLO! :P



My 2nd happy plate. :)



Who could resist greens & salads?



Not me. My 3rd happy plate. :)



The dollar pancakes were a hit. You know why?



It’s because of these pancake spread & toppings, zOMG! <3 I went crazy tying to choose which ones I’d layer on my pancakes.



I don’t like saying “NO”. Instead, I said, one with everything please? And the good chef obliged. :P



One omelette with everything coming right up! Meanwhile, Kap stuck with mushrooms on his. BOW-RING.



To settle our tummies before the main course, TEA!



My Babyson’s US Beef Belly Garlic Tapa. With 3 cups of rice. Lalaking-lalaki talaga sya! :)) #AngTunayNaLalakiAyLagingMayExtraRice



Ate‘s US Beef Burger done medium well. Which she couldn’t eat after going cray-cray at the buffet. So she asked to have it bagged. And they did! I was surprised that they would allow. They do. \m/ Nice one Museum Cafe! Thank you for your graciousness.



My Salmon Egg Benedict. I was also too full so I just ate the top portion.



Kap’s Beer Battered Fish & Chips.


PicMonkey Collage3

My Lovey’s Noodle Soup that came with pork siomai. You have a choice between noodle soup or congee, and pork siomai or sharksfin.



And Gwen’s Seafood Linguine.

I think it’s a great concept that you just choose a main course with your unli appetizer & dessert rather than pick from an overwhelming & overflowing buffet spread. When the GOppets eat at buffets, we usually just get from the sushi/sashimi & steak station. Then head to the dessert station for our sweet ending. Mains we normally pass because we’re already stuffed silly. I believe it’s the same for most. So this saves the restaurant overhead cost thus offsetting the buffet price to a much lower & more reasonable 980++. Agree? :)


Dessert!!! <3 You can limit the main. But please don’t ever limit the dessert. I DIE! @_@



My 5th happy plate. BTW, coffee is not included in the Sunday Brunch, unfortunately. :'( I wish they’d include it in the near future, a lot of brunch goers will definitely be happy & welcome it with wide, open arms. Breakfast just isn’t breakfast without a good cup of coffee. :)



Our BFF (Best Food Forward organizer) GWEN, with Chef Kalel. Thank you for a wonderful brunch!! :-*

Thank you so much to our dear friend Gwen Carino of BEST FOOD FORWARD for treating us to Museum Cafe! <3 And congratulations Raintree Restaurants on your anniversary. A hearty cheer goes to the handsome Chef Kalel Chan for a very yummy spread.


After a filling brunch, why not head over to the Ayala Museum right in front? No affiliation to the Cafe, by the way.



I bet this giant fly is too full to fly off. After that brunch, I can definitely relate!

PS: To my foodie friends, see y’all at the BEST FOOD FORWARD this OCTOBER at the Rockwell Tent. For inquiries, email, or call 0917 887 1933, 0920 914 8175/ 02 701 1398

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