Murphy’s Law (part 2)

What started out as a fun & relaxing weekend for the SFs (minus the princesses from 3 families) slowly turned into a nightmare. Murphy’s Law was at it again.

They were still able to go a couple of rounds until the rain started pouring really hard & the water was very wavy.
My babyson is like his dad. He’s really sporty. Any athletic activity, give him a few tries & he will master it right away.
He’s going loco over wake boarding now.
I’m against this current passion of his -I find it too dangerous.
But the more I tell him not to, the more passionate he gets. The more he wants to pursue.
So pinababayaan ko na lang. Hay! #rebeldengbata
Grabe this babyson of mine is becoming such a cutie patootie!!

1) Jaime & Jino, who had saturday classes & just followed right after, got stuck in traffic because of the heavy rains & made it to Anilao after 8 hours on the road. They left manila at 5PM & got to batangas at 1AM! @_@

2) Kap’ boat turned (no, not into a vampire. As in TUMAOB!) in the middle of the night. He just looked on helplessly from the shore as early as 3AM when the storm started getting bad and hoped fervently that it won’t sink & become another fish sanctuary, haha. (Ok I won’t laugh na, sorry -my bad!) Thankfully, ALL the boys were able to turn it back right side up MANUALLY after flexing some muscles & heavy analytical thinking when the storm finally subsided at around 7AM. (Sige babyson payag na akong magtuloy-tuloy ka sa gym. Nagiging macho ka pala!) ;))
Luubog-lilitaw hehehe..
They miraculously were able to flip it back right side up with the help of kuya Rolly’s boat.
Look at my Kap’s “oh-my-gulay” face! :P
OH MY GULAY patay na ang makina! HAHAHA!!! (tawang-tawa talaga ako eh!)
Si Kap, his 1st mate, and his seramiko mekaniko! ;))

3) Kuya Rolly’s boat flooded, but thankfully didn’t capsize. Timba lang ang kinailangang katapat. BUT, his F-150 didn’t fare as well. Because it was the one used to lift the 2 boats into dry land, nag-clakkityclakclak sya. Hayun, bumigay. They left Anilao early night time, but because it broke down & they had to fix it temporarily midway just so they can get it home, they got back almost morning na. All hungry & tired. (Naunsyami tuloy yung masamang balak ko kay Kap! Yung balot, naging penoy!)

4) No boat = No water fun. High tide pa, plus it was raining cats & dogs with signal #2 a-brewin’. Nag-baraha nalang ang mga boys the whole day. :P

5) Because they were all hungry & tired by the time they parked the boats back home, nasagi ni kuya Rolly yung boat sa golfcart nya pag-parada. S-C-R-A-T-C-H. Hello paintshop! (uuuyyy kikita si Kap sa repair haha!) 

6) Ang daming pasalubong sa akin ni Kap. Ang daming jellyfish sting sa katawan. So hello Dr. Ian, pa-check up again please.

Sigh. I’m just so glad that the princesses didn’t go along. I can just imagine their snarling faces. Walang katapusang “I-told-u-so’s” from the mouth of babes! @_@

The girls went on a movie date with their friends instead of going to the beach with the SFs last saturday.
Buti na lang!
Ayan, siguro naman matatagalan na before you make another out of town trip hehehe. :P
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