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A few weeks ago, we went to my Lovey’s school to get her transcript of records (which incidentally takes 7 working days to process). Wow, they have a new system. And the office is spanking brand new! They have several windows for many different purposes aimed to make life easier for the parents. My first impressions was, para akong nasa bangko. With matching numbered tabs!



So I took one. For the records. Pila. I waited in line for my turn. It’s a good thing it was still summer vacation so there were just a few people. After 5 minutes or so my number was called & I went to the window to fill up a form for request. Then the staff said I have to go to another window to pay, then go back to her after I have finished paying.


And so a rigodon began. My personal trip to Jerusalem started. I got another number for finance this time. After 5 minutes of waiting, my number was called so I went to pay. But my half ordeal doesn’t stop there. Sa ibang window pa yung bayaran. So ibang pila uli kasi assessment window lang daw ang napuntahan ko.



After finally paying 150 pesos, I had to get yet another number so I can show my receipt to the staff in the first window I visited. Had I known ahead of time, I would have gotten several numbered tabs for the different windows periodically while waiting. It’s a good thing there weren’t too many people or I would have gone ballistic.


Not on a hot summer day please. I don’t have the patience. I wouldn’t have minded as much during the cooler months, mas malamig ang ulo ng mga tao. I just humored myself by taking pictures, much to my Lovey’s chagrin (Mom, this is a school. Please stop taking pictures!)

Zobel, there is something seriously wrong with your new system. Maybe there is a way for busy parents to do/request for things online? But then again, that’s not my problem anymore. :P


After 3 queues & 3 stubs, I finally got my receipt. I will go back after 7 working days to get the transcript. One window nalang, hopefully. Pasukan na yun. Nightmare on elm street! @_@

Heeenyway, thank you & goodbye. It’s been a good 2 years. <3 Thank you Lord for small schools & less complicated systems. Hay buhay!


Thank you for a great 2 year experience for my kids. We will never forget you! <3

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