Ms. Biology

Good news just keeps coming in. I’m so thankful, Lord. For all the blessings that continue to come our way! You are indeed a magnificent & awesome God <3

Ate declined to join the Ms. Bio contest in her college a while back. She doesn’t like being the center of attention (unlike ME!!), and she’s really shy & let’s not talk about her self-esteem sheesh! So no amount of pushing from my part got her to join -to my dismay. I know, that was my frustrated dream for myself a million years ago hehe!

So the contest finally went under way & winners were proclaimed. Then all of a sudden, she was nominated, then invited, to represent the WHOLE college of Biology coz apparently, the winners (Title holder, 1st & 2nd runners up) were failing at least 1 subject in their class & were eliminated. How lucky for us, her right??? Please don’t hate us, we didn’t volunteer after all.. ;)

To my delight, ate was assigned MY zodiac.. PISCES.
Is this a sign or what??? ;))

It was really a blur from the time she accepted the invitation just a couple of days ago, to today when she has her pictorial with the rest of the candidates vying for the Ms. SCIENCE – UST title. Today, in uniform (IKR!!) and tomorrow in casual wear. The pageant is on December 10 & I’m the one whose nerves are frayed!!!

These are the 5 other lovely ladies ate will be competing against for the title of Ms. Science, who will then again compete for the title of Ms. UST!!!

Candidate #1 Antoinette from B.S. Applied Physics
Candidate #2 Annica from B.S. Psychology
ICA graduate, so inglissera at sosi rin for sure!
Candidate #3 Kamil from B.S. Chemistry
(yikes talino!!) 
Candidate #5 Samantha, from the College of Microbiology
Candidate #6 Kimberly, Applied Math
and Ms. Silka Papaya Soap 2nd Runner Up..
(omg sanay sa labanan!!) 

Please dear readers, help me storm the heavens for my sweetie to win!!! :)

And Candidate #4, My Jana, for B.S. Biology.
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