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Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe

After the Art Fair, ginutom talaga ako. And since we had our beloved Anderson for the day, I surprised my girls -who love macarons, by taking them to Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe at 51C, Scout Rallos St., Barangay Laging Handa, QC.  There’s also a Mrs. Graham’s Bakery for placing your multiple macaron orders.

I wouldn’t dare come on a weekday. But on a Sunday, Timog was as peaceful & empty as can be.

I felt really really guilty that my Lovey & I weren’t able to accompany Ate to Ilocos at the last minute because of my ditziness that I wanted to make it up to her somehow.

I saw this on my blogger friend Michelle’s instagram, and I vowed to take the girls there one day. Did I mention they LURVE macarons? Oh yes they really really do! <3

Who doesn’t love OLAF of Disney’s FROZEN fame???

And not only OLAF, but other wonderful & beautiful dessert creations too! <3

We were so getting our macaron fix that day if our life depended on it..

I just LOVED the macaron lamps!!! <3 Now THAT is my kind of art! ;))

However, and to my complete dismay, OLAF was only a Valentine promo by the cafe. He was kaput & taken out of the shelf when we visited on a Sunday. BOO! :'(( I tried contacting “Mrs. Graham” from the number her staff gave me to place an order, and also on her facebook page, but she never replied even after my many attempts. Oh well.

Buti na lang they had other special macarons available that made our trek from the south to the north worth the trip like the S’mores, Pancake, Salted Caramel, Cookie Dough, White Coffee, Tequila Rose, Baileys, and Tiramisu macarons!  @_@

This photo belongs to MGC.
MGC’s new Macaron trio: The Breakfast Club! Pancake with Maple Buttercream, White Coffee, Cornflakes in Milk

What my gals got to share: (clockwise from 9:00) Tequila Rose 45 php, French Toast with Peanut Buttercream 60 php, Pancake with Maple Buttercream 60 php, Smores (brown) 60 php, and Cookie Dough 45 php (middle).
My Lovey’s hot Butterbeer 120 php (tasted daw like french toast)

I didn’t dare try it by my Lovey said it was good.

Triple decker 150 php. That’s cheesecake in between 2 chocolate layers.
This is too rich & too sweet so I suggest you get this for sharing.
The 3 of us shared it but still couldn’t finish the whole thing.
All the macarons were also too sweet. Maybe they could tone down the sweetness a bit.

Pancake with Maple Buttercream 60 php
Look at how cute the miniature pancake is! <3
Thank you, Ate, for pointing it out to your very clueless mommy.

Smores 60 php
Yes, that’s a burnt marshmallow sandwiched in between.
I can’t even!!! <3

French Toast with Peanut Buttercream 60 php
I highly recommend Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe when you get together with your girlfriends.

We made sure to bring home 3 of the special macarons for our dear Katiecakes who LURVE these tiny objects.
Even their packaging is cute! <3

And so are the soap. TOO CUTE FOR MY LIFE!!!

I just wish the place was bigger. The ground floor can accommodate 4 small tables but we’re talking shoulder to shoulder here. There are more tables upstairs which we didn’t bother to inspect as the entire cafe was as small as a dollhouse & I was afraid I’d break it into teeny tiny pieces if I went up!

Why oh why must everything cute be so out of our reach? Guys! Haven’t you heard of Alabang??? Hindi kami disyerto!

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