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Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto; Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

You’re wondering who I am (secret secret I’ve got a secret)
Machine or mannequin (secret secret I’ve got a secret)
With parts made in Japan (secret secret I’ve got a secret)
I am the modern man!

Who remembers this song written by Dennis DeYoung of the band Styx from the 80’s? C’mon now, even my kids know this song, so surely, you gotta too! :P

Anyways, this is the new restaurant I’ve been telling you about, the brainchild of Neil Ramos (Neil’s Kitchen) & his lookalike middle daughter, Daniella Frances “Danni” Ramos.

Japan is their favorite country to visit, so right after Danni finished a culinary stint at Le Cordon Bleu (oh yes, imported!!) in San Francisco, and in their bid to get Danni to come back home to the Philippines, Neil & Michelle Ramos encouraged this uber talented chef to open a modern Japanese resto in Alabang.


Neil & his ka-lookalike daughter Danni. <3

At first, Neil asked Danni to come back & help him run the highly successful Neil’s Kitchen, but Danni wanted to be her own man.. er woman. All the 3 Ramos kids were trained to be independent from the get go like their mom Michelle -who was also set free by her own mother right after high school to find her wings. Mich left Manila to study fashion design abroad (Fashion Institute in San Francisco) & opened a chain of Andy & Karen stores here in the Philippines upon her return. So it wasn’t a surprise anymore that Danni wanted to self-make herself, and veer away from the shadow of her Dad.

And so, Mr. Roboto Modern Japanese was born. It’s not your traditional Japanese food, mind you. Danni made some changes, twists, and improvements based on her frequent travels abroad & incorporated them to old time favorites. Partnering with her is childhood friend & reel (only) love team, David Mendoza. Gosh, they start off so young, these yuppies. I was still in my landi-landi stage when I was their age, lol.


Japan is one of Danni & family’s favorite places to visit. In fact, they have regular outlets on their agenda every single time they go to the land of sushi. It was but natural for her to open a Japanese resto back in Manila when given the chance by her very supportive parents. Btw, I am soooo loving her Prada backpack with a robot appliqué huhu!

Mr. Roboto Modern Japanese Resto

Ground Floor, SYKES Building (the new ATC building directly across Molito), Muntinlupa City


What is Modern Japanese Cuisine? Over the past two decades, the popularity of Japanese food in the West has increased immeasurably—a major contribution to the evolution of Western eating habits. But Japanese cuisine itself has changed significantly since pre-modern times, and the food we eat at trendy Japanese restaurants, from tempura to sashimi, is vastly different from earlier Japanese fare. Modern Japanese Cuisine examines the origins of Japanese food from the late nineteenth century to unabashedly adulterated American favorites like today’s California roll.

Because I’m an accomplished social climber & a self-proclaimed good friend of the family, hehe, I was able to push my way into getting a sneak preview of the prime goods at Mr. Roboto Modern Japanese a couple of weeks before they were ready to open to the public. I tell ya, kapal ng mukha & perseverance pays. ;))


What’s my biggest secret? It’s for me to know & you to find out! ;) #secretsecret #ivegotasecret


Mr. Roboto Modern Japanese is at the back of the building beside Silantro. Make sure you get a photo op with the robot drawing outside. Cuteness overload!


From my 80’s childhood, all things robot like Voltes V & Mazinger Z. On the walls, on the table, and even the music playing on loop is from the 80’s. Danni is an old soul. (And I am young.. at heart!)


Stared off with this Kani Salad Bomb 250 php. Creamy udon noodles with wakame salad topped with fried kani balls & drizzled generously in roasted sesame dressing. Umpisa pa lang, may pasabog na!


Dirty Corn 195 php. Couldn’t get enough of this, I swear. Grilled corn spread lavishly with uni butter & a secret spicy furikake sauce & herb mayo. Ask your server to shred the rest of the corn so you can enjoy this yummy dish down to the very last bite!


I gotta say though, this was hands down my ultimate favorite at Mr. Roboto Modern Japanese. And if you are a fan of nori, I’m sure it will be yours as well. Danni was a creative genius to come up with Nori Nachos 350 php. Japanese version of Nachos using Nori Chips. Then as toppings: crispy kani, pickled tuna, and spicy salmon. Yuuuum! Cream cheese & wasabi mayo finishes off this unique dish. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! <3



Top right: Gendai Sashimi featuring Ebi 360 php & Ika 280 php presented 3 ways: Pickled, Teriyaki, and Soy Truffle (ebi)/Black Mayo (Ika). Also available in Salmon 370 php & Tuna 360 php. Choose your poison. Lower right: The sushi carrier, Mr. Roboto Gendai Sushi 250 php. A trio topping of spicy tuna, negi tuna, and aburi tuna with Danni’s secret furikake sauce. An explosion of flavors, woohoo!


Left: Mazinger Z Sushi 235 php. 3-way toppings of spicy salmon, negi salmon, and crunchy salmon skin. Top right: Voltron 220 php. Kani salad, crispy shredded kani & diced mangoes. Daimos 250 php. Spicy shrimp bisque with pickled aburi ebi & secret furikake sauce. Lower right: Shake Nigiri 245 php. Secret secret sushi rice, negi salmon, soy truffle, and secret secret beet sauce for the beautiful red rice effect. And Maguro Nigiri 235 php. Secret secret sushi rice, negi tuna, aburi tuna, & secret secret sesame sauce for that black & white effect. Life is a rainbow of colors over at Mr. Roboto Modern Japanese. ;)


Left: Ika Nigiri 220 php. Secret secret sushi rice (sige na nga I’ll tell you the secret – it’s squid ink!), pickled aburi squid, sesame mayo & teriyaki sauce. Not only is it beautiful, but sooooo darn good too. You can actually taste the rich squid ink. Top right: Voltes V 280 php. Kani salad, kani-wrapped ebi, and secret tenkasu. Lower right: Unagi Nigiri 495 php. Secret secret sushi rice, unagi slices, fresh uni & secret secret unagi sauce.


This was Kap’s favorite along with the Unagi Nigiri above! <3 I’m not a fan of eels but the love of my life is infatuated with it. Secret Secret Gendai Sushi 395 php. Diced unagi, pickled radish & surprise – CAVIAR! \m/ Sosi!


If I can only order 3 dishes from Mr. Roboto Modern Japanese, it would definitely be: The Nori Nachos, this Mr. Roboto Chirashi 695 php (L). Assorted special sashimi with aburi egg yolk & furikake rice. It has absolutely EVERYTHING on it, you don’t need to look further. But if you don’t like variety, then there are also plain chirashis available: Tuna 450 php, Salmon 460 php, and Sashimi/Tempura 380 php. And top right: Lamb Katsu 525 php. Australian ground lamb, grilled vegetables & roboto curry. I usually shy away from lamb coz nga malansa, but this one is perfect with the curry sauce. The servers at Mr. Roboto Modern Japanese aim to please, so don’t be embarrassed to ask for extra curry. I like to drown my rice in yummy yummy curry! <3 Bottom right: Chashu 450 php. Thick-cut pork belly, vegetable tempura, crispy skin & roboto donburi sauce.


Left: Gyudon 450 php. Beef sukiyaki with vegetable tempura, aburi egg yolk & roboto donburi sauce. Top right: Chicken Teriyaki 420 php. Chicken teriyaki with vegetable tempura, aburi egg yolk & roboto donburi sauce. Lower right: Pork Katsu 395 php. Pork tonkatsu with grilled veggies and a choice between roboto curry or roboto gravy. Diba? All rice meals are so affordable!


Normally, Japanese restos only have green tea ice cream or coffee jelly for dessert. But because Danni graduated a pastry chef, she has TWO exciting desserts included on the menu. Banana Cream Pie 500 php. Graham cracker polvoron with butterscotch cream, aburi bananas & topped with vanilla ice cream. Best shared as it’s a big serving – no scrimping here. ;) And Chocolate Bread Pudding 295 php. Milo powder, Nutella cream, candied bacon & vanilla ice cream. Both equally fab, I couldn’t decide which one I liked best.

The secret is out. Mr. Roboto Modern Japanese OPENS TODAY!!! If you’re in the Alabang area, Danni & David are giving a 20% discount to guests. Tell them your deepest, darkest secrets & in exchange, you get 20% off on food. ;))


#secretsecret <– use this magic word to get your 20% discount for the 1st week of soft opening! \M/ And please say “HI” to Danni & David when you see them. :) A little encouragement goes a looooong way. :-*

Joke. You don’t have to tell them anything you have hidden under the baul that you don’t want. Just go inside & order anything & everything on the menu, you automatically get 20% off during the first week. How awesome is that? You don’t even have to be a senior citizen to enjoy the benefit. :P

Congratulations Danni, David, and the Ramos & Mendoza families. You have proven that together, as a family, we are stronger. Together, we are better. There is a power of being together, so let’s all do our share and LET’S VOLT IN! ;)


Support is one of the best gifts we parents can give to our children. <3

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