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Mr. & Mrs. Tales Visit the South

Last Friday, my 2 foodie friends came to visit us for a food trip in the South. I always cross the great divide to meet them, so this time, they took time out from their busy, busy schedule to come see what’s in the big bang sa alabang that I’m always gushing to them about! :P

I wanted to introduce them to my Southern Belles, but unfortunately, our dinner didn’t push through.. for the THIRD time huhu. So we made plans of our own. But first of all, allow me to apologize profusely to ANNA & RAYMOND. Our wires got crossed somewhere & they didn’t get my message. I am soooo very sorry that you came all the way to Alabang to a cancelled dinner. I promise I will make it up to you somehow. :'( I would also like to take this opportunity to our host RYAN CHAN making sure that their trip was not for naught. Thank you Ryan for always having my back! <3

Mr. & Mrs. Tales From the Tummy had a lunch event at KESSAKU. So we met for coffee after at MAGNUM OPUS which Richard has been wanting to try because of its third wave coffee. For my previous post on MAGNUM OPUS, CLICK HERE.



Now a food trip requires proper pacing, Something I just learned lately the hard way! ;P  So we made sure (or THEY made sure) that we didn’t over indulge on each stop. Lest ma-empacho na naman ako! ;))

After coffee, we headed on over to the small (and I mean SMALL like 12 seats!) Ramen joint also in BF, MENSAKABA GEISHU. It’s my first time there & I was actually the tourist as Richard guided me along HIS find, lels.


Mensakaba Geishu Ramen Bar

Southland Apartments, Aguirre Avenue,BF Home, Paranaque
Landline +632 546 9302




Yep. 12 seats. I counted! ;) And they can get quite full according to the spouses who own the Ramen joint.



Horenso Goma-ae 80 php. Single serve spinach with garlic. Great appetizer.



Hiro hard at work. Hiro was a manager at a golf club before starting his own business. Ramen is best eaten when a Japanese national prepares it. ;)


Husband & Wife team ALYN & HIROFUMI HOTTA. The restaurant is actually a 3-man team with an assistant adding to the trio. :)



Gyoza 140 php. Good, but pretty thin. How I wished they’d plump it up a bit.



Bacon-rolled asparagus 40 php/stick, and Chicken Skin 35 php/stick.



Ebi Wantanmen 270 php. If like me, you have a huge appetite. Ask for additional noodles for 20 php. To be really honest, I didn’t find my ramen amazing.


The 3rd wheel! :)


Irene’s Shoyu Ramen 250 php.


Ate’s spicy Tantanmen 250 php. Which I preferred over mine. A LOT. I liked the broth on this one. Their ramen bowls are relatively cheaper than the others with price ranging between 250-270 php only per bowl. Let me just mention that it’s a small bowl though.


Look who came to visiiiit!!! :)


We crossed the street to get to THE GIRL & THE BULL. I’ve been raving about this restaurant to Richard & Irene since time immemorial because I had a great meal the last time I went, but I was quite disappointed to find out they have simplified their menu to this. ONE MEASLY PAGE!  </3

To read my previous post on THE GIRL & THE BULL, CLICK HERE.



ONE MEASLY PAGE! @_@ All our favorites were gone. Huhuhu. On top of that, MOST of the items were unavailable!



The Buttermilk Fried Cauliflower 280 php was interesting. It’s certainly something different & all 4 of us liked it. It tasted somewhat like bonchon chicken’s crispy outer layer, with cauliflower instead of chicken inside. I can’t say it’s a healthy snack though because it is deep fried.



To be perfectly honest, this CRISPY PORK BELLY at 360 php was terribly disappointing & overly priced. All 4 of us shared 1 bunned sandwich & took the other one home. It was pretty, at the most. But certainly not worth its price.



The Faux Twix 160 php which made me fall in love the first time I tried it didn’t do its magic to me anymore the second time. I liked the top chocolate layer though.


And because Irene is a DAVAO-ena, of course we had to make a final stopover at LARCY’s for some sweet endings! ;)


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photo 1

photo 3


Thank you so much Richard & Irene for coming to visit! <3 And happy happy birthday Irene! Thank you for being a good friend to me. Giving us cheesecakes & Davao suha all the time, buying my *beep when I needed it the most, for sharing ebooks & videos with me (Thank you Richard!), for the fun company & non-stop chicka & laughter. For taking us everywhere with you and the million-and-one-invites that makes my belly velly velly happee. I love you both dearly! :-*



To click on my previous post on INDULGENCE BY IRENE, CLICK HERE.

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