Mr. Monkey meets Franny!

Frances Lorraine Ang, or Frannywanny to most, is probably one of -if not THE nicest blogger I know.

She is so down to earth & accommodating. She has been my number 1 supporter ever since I started blogging & would comment on my posts from time to time, boosting my morale & confidence. That’s how nice & unassuming she is, considering she’s like way UP there. ;)

On one of her comments to my post, she mentioned her husband Paul being away on business & that she’s feeling a bit blue.

I know the exact feeling. Like her, I’ve never spent a night away from Kap in all our years together except that one time when he went river rafting & those were the most miserable 2 days of my life.

So, to perk up her spirits, I sent her a little surprise just to let her know I feel for her. I wanted to comfort her even though she was 1,485 miles away. She’s been such a good friend to me that I wanted to extend the same courtesy.

Franny is one of the most unmaterialistic person I know. She’s not impressed by brand-named objects & lives a simple life. She’s always happy & content. A simple balloon would make her smile just as the next birkin.

So armed with that knowledge, I sent her something in the mail last week hoping it would cheer her up.

This is my 2nd time to order a balloon online for Franny, and I must say, the 2 shops were both professionals & exceeded my expectations regarding deliveries. They sent me blow-by-blow account through emails. I would definitely use their services over & over again. Singapore is such a competent country! <3

My “HANG IN THERE” message needed a monkey prop, ergo this choice! ;))


And who can say no to a boost of pheromones to drive up the happiness meter? :)

I’m glad it did..

I love you frannywanny! I hope Mr. Monkey watched out for you & did his job while Paul was away. <3

Oh, by the way, Franny is a direct distributor of Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream spread. Stocks are going fast so if you’re a fan of this childhood drink-turned-spread, better order now.. (check out her post by clicking HERE)

For further inquiries, you may send Franny an sms at +63 917 5388125 or email her at justcraving@gmail.com.

And also the all-time, year-round favorite, Allie’s Greaseless Wonder Peanuts! Available in manila AND singapore! :)


PS: Most photos above, which I grabbed from her Instagram account, belong to Franny.

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