Movie Night (again)!

When I started blogging, I just wanted a diary-type of thing that I could visit from time to time & reminisce about my children’s activities. So when I found out about blogging, I was really excited because I don’t have to make daily entries, plus I could also incorporate pictures of my kids, which I love taking! ;)

As it turns out, I’m blogging almost everyday now (I have “withdrawals” when I don’t blog haha!). And as I reviewed my “diary”, I found out I’m turning into a foodie blogger na haha! :P Most of our family activities center around food. Now when we go out, I am more conscious of not eating in the same restaurant for the sake of my pictures! And believe me, we have saturated ALL the restaurants in our 2 nearest malls!!! @_@

Like yesterday, after watching Spy Kids 4 with my 3 heroes, I was really craving for Fish & Co’s pasta (having watched Eat Pray Love on HBO prior to picking up the kids –I watch too many movies kasi haha!), but since my lovey & I just went there the other day (& I already blogged about it),  I decided to take my brood someplace else. I didn’t enjoy my pasta as much! :P Until now I’m still thinking of this…

Fish & Co’s Breaded chicken Piggyback
(Oil-based pasta topped with crispy breaded chicken & shrimps)

I realized I wasn’t blogging for myself anymore, but for my non-existent readers haha. So now, I will make a conscious effort of going back to the basics… Doing what the kids & I really want. Not what I should blog about. (Like the korean restaurant experience, ugh!)

This was supposed to be in 4D, Aroma-scope.
I was really looking forward to having the kids scratch & sniff something haha!
Too bad it’s only in the U.S. I think?

After the movie, we went to Friday’s for dinner..

Ate enjoying her buffalo wings & quesadillas.. <3

My babyson opted for sizzling chicken & shrimp with rice

And my lovey had her usual chicken fingers.

This is what I chose to replace my piggyback craving…
Lemon Chicken Piccata
Waste of carb intake huhuhu!!! :'((
It’s good, it’s just that it wasn’t what I was craving for.

Turned out to be a good wednesday. Had a halo-halo date, had a movie date, had a dinner date. All in 1 day! ;)) What more could a girl ask for??? <3

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