Movie Buffs

Our MTRCB pass from Mariz is expiring at the end of the month boohoo! :'(( So last night my hunny & I decided to abuse it by watching Contagion. Tonight naman we’re watching Fright Night. Probably also on Friday & the rest of the weekend if the cinemas have new movies! :))

Fright Night

Ever since we were teens & dating, we would just watch movies & eat out after. We were never the clubbing or drinking type. So the free movie pass was really very appreciated & we are thankful that we were given the privilege of having one for the past 6 months. Alas, all good things must come to an end! ;)

Hay naku, sungit yaya will be happy coz she doesn’t have to stay with the kids anymore while we’re out watching! :P

One of the things I like about watching movies is I get to CUDDLE!!! :)
I love cuddling up to my hunny bunny! <3
With my trusty shawl that keeps us warm during the movies.

I wish citibank will have it’s free movie promo again so we can still watch for free. We’re such cheapskates noh? ;))

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