Mother’s Day!

Got a wonderful surprise from my babies as I came home from church with hubby! <3 Was greeted with my favorite fuchsia pink roses, a cute & cuddly stuffed ellie, and love letters with mushy kisses of course!!! What a nice morning. I love surprises!!! Especially if they are intended for me & involves GIFTS!!! ;)) I was weepy for a while, thinking how lucky I am to be surrounded by such loving, sweet & thoughtful children!!! Ate is such a good leader! ;)

My babies are really sweet & thoughtful by nature. They never fail to amaze me! <3
Ate always makes it a point to plan with her 2 siblings on ways to make me feel so special!!!

I loved all their personalized letters. Ate had a lovely drawing of our picture in a bathtub from long ago. Lovey also had a cute picture of the two of us. And the biggest surprise of all came from my baby son!!! @_@ He gave me massage vouchers along with his love letter!!! I almost fainted, hahaha!! ;P My son is the LEAST SHOWY when it comes to the kids proclaiming their undying love & utmost appreciation for me. So the vouchers coming from his heart was a very pleasant surprise indeed!!! <3 One that I took advantage of immediately!! ;P

I loved their letters!! <3 But the vouchers from my baby son topped it all, hahaha!!!
My baby son’s look: Priceless! ;)))
You can actually see the word “icky” on his face, which makes his gift of service more endearing hahaha!!!

Then the kids took me out to dinner at the new Viking’s restaurant overlooking manila bay. We almost didn’t go out because of the raging storm, but thankfully, it stopped as we were about to step out of the house!

On our way to Viking’s in spite of a HEAVY downpour.
On my head is a rose I plucked from my lovely bouquet. <3
Our 1st time at the newly-opened Vikings! :)
Too bad my Mom couldn’t go with us. Her place was flooded so she stayed home to keep an eye on things.
I missed my mommy!!!! Boohoo!!! :((

Here’s my plate of sushi!! Yep, I know it’s A LOT!!! :P
I loved their sushi station, there really were a lot of choices in beautiful colors, shapes & sizes!!!

Another favorite!! OYSTERS!!! Yummmmmmmmm!!!
They also had carvings stations with duck, lechon & beef.

Thank you my wonderful babies for making another Mother’s Day so special for me. You always manage to surprise & amaze me & I’m so blessed to have you guys love & adore me so much!!! <3 Love you & I appreciate all that you do for me. :-*

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