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Mother’s Day

Apart from my birthday, Mother’s Day is one day of the year I look forward to the most. The kids dote on me all year long, but on Mother’s Day, it’s extra extra special. I am their sole focus, lels. I am made to feel like a queen.

Like every year and every occasion, I ask the kids not to buy me anything because I already have everything I could ever want or need. I’d rather they keep their allowance & buy something THEY want. But like every year and every occasion, they still do something extraordinary & gift me with things they know will make me happy. Like these..


photo 4

Last year, they gave me breakfast in bed & flowers. So this year I really thought they heeded my advice & actually did not buy me anything when no surprise was mentioned even after I dressed up for church. But to my surprise, these greeted me as I stepped out my bedroom door! <3

photo 3

photo 2

So. Does this mean I’m NOT the best mom??? @_@

photo 1

I always get in on their battles & fight for them or with them, so they tease me about being an ALPHA mom. :P YOU BET! And that will never change. I will ALWAYS have your back, kids.

photo 5

And of course, I cried a river.. :P My crying fest was over when they took this photo of me, so I’m more or less composed na in this picture except my nose is still red from crying haha. They gave me 2 pairs of sandals, a GC for rustan’s coz they know I buy my clothes from Criselda’s. They gave me my own calling cards, stationary & gift tags with my blog’s name & logo signifying their unwavering support to my hobby. Pouches, a lipstick, a Shu Uemura curlash.. everything a kikay mom would want. They know me so well! <3

photo 3x

I just love my darlings oh so much!


Because I’ve been raving about the soup at One Way, that’s where the kids wanted me to take them for our Mother’s Day lunch. The restaurant was super full, I’m so glad Ate took the initiative of reserving ahead of time. She’s really a good mommy to me. Both my girls are. <3 Baliktad na now. They take such good care of me that I hardly have to lift a finger when I’m with them. I’m really spoiled rotten.

Of course, both mudrabells were with us too. So we had a grand time tasting everything on the menu.. a 2nd time for me & Kap but we still enjoyed nonetheless. (I didn’t include the photos of the 3 pizza assortments we ordered as I already posted them HERE.)


photo 5x


I’m really so in love with their soup breads as it’s already a meal in itself. And at 150 php/bowl too for this CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP! What a steal! <3


Cream of Tomato Soup at 130 php.


Complimentary Mother’s Day appetizers given to mothers. Thank you ONE WAY! :-*


Gorgonzola 230 php. The cheese was really strong so this is best eaten shared as it's a bit nakaka-umay.

Gorgonzola 230 php. The cheese was really strong so this is best eaten shared with a few friends & eaten with the bread as it’s a bit nakaka-umay.


Pomodoro Style 250 php. Served with spanish spicy chorizo. The winner among the 3, for me. ;)



Carbonara 220 php. With mushroom, bacon, and cream sauce. Hits the spot! <3


Happy Mother’s Day to these 3 moms who strive to be the best that they can be, in different ways they know how.


Mothers are the best friends any girl should ever have. It’s sad when I hear of girls who can’t even talk to their moms & keep secrets -I can actually relate. So I’m just thankful that I have a great relationship with mine.

When I say my kids adore me, I really mean that they ADORE me. Not fake adore where they gripe about me to their friends when I’m not within hearing distance but say we’re BFFs when I’m around. I mean REAL adore. Where they choose to spend time with me than with peers their age. And their friends know I take top priority. (Okay I’m talking about the girls here.. it’s a whole different story with my boy where I’m like chopped liver, boohoo!).

With girls like them around me all the time, who needs a bestie. I’m covered! <3


photo 2

photo 1

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