Mother’s Day

I believe in fairy tales, or those with happy endings, anyway. I’m fascinated with romance & mythical creatures. So when my kids asked where I want them to treat me for mother’s day, I suggested the dinner buffet at H20 Hotel without batting an eye. It involves a mermaid show, you see. Now tell me, wouldn’t you be fascinated too? ;))

When I googled H20 Hotel, I saw this. Their Aqua Room 6k php/night.
Cool! I thought, how bad could it be?
I was thinking 5 star -4 at the very least!

Ensogo has a mother’s day promo of 688/head (valued at 1,500 php) PLUS 1 free for every group of 5. Too bad I wasn’t able to avail of the early bird discount, so I just counted on the 5+1 free deal instead. I figured I could save the kiddos some money & get to see a mermaid show at the same time. 2 birds with 1 stone & all. I was patting myself on the back for this genius idea of mine! ;P



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Savings Purchased Remaining
  • For limited vouchers, Ensogo processes only virtual payments i.e., credit cards (through PesoPay), Paypal and Bancnet.
  • Give your mom a well-deserved night out on her special day with a Mother’s Day Grand Buffet Dinner at Pacific Ballroom with a Mermaid Show and live acoustic band performance at H20 Hotel. 
  • Let the whole family celebrate your mother’s greatness on this special day and let her dine for free for every 5 paid vouchers that will be used.
  • Indulge in traditional and international dishes that will be served by a professional team of chefs and caterers.
  • Dine in awe with a spectacular view of the aquarium walls and beauty of marine life.
  • Watch and enjoy a Live Mermaid Show as they swim by the aquarium. An acoustic band will provide your evening with a live serenade.

Mother’s day came & off we went for my much anticipated dinner -with the mermaid show let us not forget! ;P I donned my new Criselda Lontok all-orange ensemble for my dinner date with the hubby, the kids, my mom & MIL. A triple celebration indeed!

But as soon as we got to the “Hotel”, I knew it was a bad TERRIBLE idea! :( Imagine Gateway (araneta)! Yep, ocean park & the “hotel” share an entrance area. Very VERY public & busy. And it took us a very long, long, LOOOONG walk getting from the parking, to the outer entrance, to the inner entrance, to the walkway, and finally to the dining area. And I had 2 senior citizens huffing & puffing, walking the long green mile with me! @_@

Outer entrance..
Climb the stairs.. walk..
walk some more towards the inner entrance..
Walk The Green Mile towards the dining area/Hotel
More walking on The Green Mile..
To reach the Pacific Ballroom of the hotel.
Sigh… so sooooo far away!

Hot & Sour Soup & Salad
Suckling Pig
Teriyaki Chicken fillet
Beef Tenderloin in black pepper sauce
Steamed Fish Fillet
Stir Fried Vegetables
Baked Spaghetti (FTW???)
Oriental Fried Rice
Mango Pudding & Chocolate Fountain

Finally seated after 15 minutes of waiting
IN SPITE of our PRIOR reservation.
And no, we were not ensogo voucher holders -we were there to pay FULL price, imagine that!
Behind them is the huge aquarium where MY mermaid was supposed to enchant me -all 15 minutes of glory! :P
Too bad I didn’t get to watch this… :'((

What’s more, the dining room was PACKED to the capacity due to the ensogo voucher diners. It took one of the receptionist (all were trainees I think -they were so CLUELESS!) 15 minutes to seat us. Inside, 2 buffet tables were prepared but at least 30 or even more people were queuing per buffet table -and there were no more plates, so we stood in line waiting some more! I finally had it. I took my brood & left. What a mother’s day celebration it was turning out to be.

Ate called up the nearby Gloria Maris Restaurant to save the day night & got us booking on such short notice (she is finally learning something from me -another proud momma moment! <3)

It was jam-packed too, but at least we didn’t have to fight for food!
OMG I think I am finally cured of the buffet syndrome!
I never ever wanna have buffet again if there will always be a feeding frenzy involved! @_@
“His & Hers” mothers! ;)
1 kilo Swahe
Assorted Cold Cuts
Hot & Sour Soup, my poison! <3
Garlic Fried Chicken
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Broccoli in Garlic Sauce
Beef Hofan
Sweet & Sour Pork
Taro Sago
and Mango Sago (BURP!)
Our discounted bill was 6k, courtesy of the kids! <3
They saved up their allowance to pay for our dinner.
I am so LOVED & cherished! <3

Thank God everything worked out quite nicely. The “walk” made us all hungry, a good preparation for every meal. So all’s well that ends well.

Thank you, my fantastic kids, for a lovely dinner treat. And for being the kind of children every mother could wish for. I so triply blessed! <3

My 4 babies with lovingly made mother’s day cards (yes, even Jela had one too!) & balloons <3
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