Mother’s Day ’13

My babies never cease to amaze me. I told them no more presents for the actual mother’s day coz they just went bankrupt buying telas for me last week when we had our pre-mother’s day date. So I really thought that was it. Apparently, they had a couple more surprises up their sleeves..

They got me made-to-order lace shorts from Ann Chavez of Pluma.
Which ups my new shorts count to 10!!! m/

AND. I woke up to a BEAUTIFUL surprise red velvet Le Miz Piggy cake. How do you top that? :)

They secretly ordered this cake from a dear friend & co-bloggerSHARON BANOCNOC. (Who also surprised me with my very pretty birthday cupCAKE!) What more could a mommy ask for? Lemme tell you, I really lucked out with my kids! <3 You’ve got the happiest, most blessed mother right here. They always make me feel so happy, and loved, and special!

My friend SHARON BANOCNOC makes beautiful pre-order custom-made cakes! <3
Thank you, Shawie, for conspiring with the kids & for making me this oh-so-beautiful & oh-so-yummy cake! :-*
If I’m the mother like no other, then you are definitely KIDS LIKE NO OTHER! :)
I always thank God for the blessed opportunity of being the mother to 3 outstanding, loving, selfless, wonderful, beautiful, close-to-perfect kids!
There were so many angels in heaven but God gave me these 3 perfect-for-me kids, everything I could ever want & hope for.
These 3 little piggies complete me! <3 
OMG this is soooooo ME! ;))
This mommy is just a burst of sunshine & happiness! :)
My cake is just perfect. Not-too-sweet red velvet cake, my absolute favorite!
My 3 little piglets (of course JELA is included), Kap & my babyson completes my lovely, picture-perfect family. <3

Because my mom is a lady with simple wants & needs, we decided to just have a quiet lunch at home after church. She doesn’t really like pomp & pageantry and is quite content with whatever comes her way. So I served her a simple pasta, salmon & steak lunch. With of course my red velvet cake as the star! m/

Bolognese Rigattoni
Baked Salmon
Tender, juicy steak
and my (huhuhu) deconstructed, mutilated red velvet cake. Waaaaah! :'(( 
We had to take off the cover to get inside the yummy red velvety goodness! :( 
Best red velvet cake ever! m/
Not too sweet, just the way I like it.
Sharon doesn’t want me to go on a diabetic coma haha.
But I really really didn’t want to get rid of my toys…
Look.. we really played with it haha! :P
Babies, I can never thank you enough for always giving me the BEST birthdays, BEST christmases, BEST valentines, BEST mothers day celebrations. I appreciate all that you do for me, and I always thank God for blessing me with such loving, thoughtful children. I love everything that you do for me. DON’T STOP! ;))
Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mommy! <3

PS- Sorry ang daming pics ng mukha ko dito. Mother’s day naman, pagbigyan nyo na ako! ;P

And please allow me to give a shout out to my new friend Mr. Jeng, who is now MR. BLOGGER! ;) Please hop on over to http://foodinthebag.blogspot.com/ for his  mouth-watering food posts! :)

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