Mother of all Ensaymadas!

As promised, I am posting the picture of what I consider to be the mother of all ensaymadas!!! And I’ve had a lot to compare it to ha, so I’d like to think my claim is credible naman, haha! :P

Cheesy, buttery, chewy, gooey goodness!!!
And not at all cheapened by sugar sprinkled on top! <3
See, even the cat is scared of this ensaymada! :P
The bread is sooooooo soft!!! <3
It melts in your mouth!
Inside are bacon bits. Surprise! <3
or those of you who don’t want bacon, there is plain ensaymada, 42 php.
With bacon, 48 php.
I know right??? So affordable. Considering it’s soooo HUGE!!!

OMG!!! This is HEAVEN!!! @_@

You can buy this at Palms Country Club. You don’t even have to be a member, and they sell it right at the doorstep! :)

I promise you, one bite & you’ll be hooked!!! <3 <3 <3

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