More Food Trip

So, we’ve been eating up a storm lately! @_@ it’s the fault of all these promos! ;P

Brother’s Burger has a 50% off promo for brother’s burger.. no limit as to how many, so of course we had to have that! ;)) 62.50php each down from 125. Not bad.

Took the 2 younger ones to BB while waiting for ate to get out of school last thursday.

Not to brag, but my burgers at home are bigger, haha! ;P
Ate very happy with her surprise grub! <3 So very hungry after school!
Ha! What I thought was savings actually turned out to be more expensive for me,
with the added orders of fries & milkshakes, even though I just said BURGERS FOR SNACKS, hehe! ;P

Then Chicken Inasal also last saturday for their rice-all-you-can promo! @_@ 99 pesos for the chicken thigh meal with unlimited rice. My hunny hearts rice! ;P

Here’s my Hunny with the EXTRA EXTRA rice container! :))

After that, we went to Manila Pen to indulge in our all-time favorite. The 19-scoop, 990 pesos PEN PALS!! <3

We chose 19 flavors of yummy goodness!!! <3

My hunny’s motto is waste not, want not. Here’s the proof! ;))
I think he would have licked it if were at home, LOL!!!

Then Luk Foo yesterday after our 2nd HP movie.. This is just for two ha!!! @_@

My favorite Hot & Sour Soup
Garlic Fish with eggplant
Yang Chow
Duck Taro Puff
Beef Hofan
Our bill just came close to 1k, how great is that?
Btw, this is why I’m soooo FAT!!!

Thank you God for all the bountiful blessings you shower our way. Happy eating, everyone! :-*

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