Mongolian Quick Stop

It’s career day for the high school, and grand camp-out for the grade school, so MY kids had an easy day today.

Kidnapped the 2 older ones for lunch lest they change their minds after hearing the speakers since they already know what course they want -both medicine! m/ While the rest of her grade 6 class (except for 3 whose parents were like me –had separation anxiety issues) went off on a 2-day camping in Batangas, so I told my Lavinia not to bother going to school anymore.

They initially wanted to eat in SEx (Sinangag Express) since they were craving for tapsilog…

Tapsilog for 70 pesos! I wonder what meat they use haha! ;P

but the heat was really unbearable (not a good day for open-air restaurants) so we went to the mall instead for lunch & a movie.

Their second choice was mongolian. But since there was no good mongolian restaurant in our area, we had to settle for Quick Stop…

Quick stop for a quick fix.
Not-so-fresh beef, pork, chicken & squid choices with an assortment of veggies, rice & noodles.
300 php for eat-all-you-can. 150 php for single serve.
Guess which one we chose! ;))

A not-so-full plate for someone who claimed she was
You too???
I guess they’re not too happy with fast food teehee!
Spoiled brats! ;P
My lavinia! <3
My VERY FULL plate! ;))

After 2 servings each, we had our SALTY fill & decided to cleanse our palates with something sweet!

Yum!!! DQ dipped cone! <3

We watched The Darkest Hour after –time to take advantage of their freed-up afternoon! Kept us on the edge of our (ripped/smelly) seats! Too bad the cinema sucked big time. ATC is still the best in the south! @_@

Shot entirely in moscow. Loved the scenes! m/

Then went home so the 2 older kids can finish their I.R. (investigative research). This has given my kids ulcers for the past 3 gradings! @_@ College-level research AND EXECUTION for high school kids. DRAT!!! I’m glad it’s almost finally over so we can ALL MOVE ON & have a life!!!

My babyson’s I.R. is on bio-fuel. They are assigned a different subject each.
He has to research & blend the right amount of fluids to make a generator run!
At age 14! @_@
Mixture of diesel, corn oil & other fluids he got off the internet.
Thank goodness for I.T.!!! 
Trying out his mixture.
Good thing my mom has a spare diesel-run generator that we can f*Ck up in case! @_@
Getting it to run!
Took a video for his powerpoint presentation.
Special thanks to my mom & her team of engineers who supervised.
Sigh… what would we ever do without my mom! <3

I’m so hating their teacher! ASDFGHJKL!!! :(( On the bright side, we can now make our own fuel mix hehehe! ;P


As of press time, my babyson just finished presenting his I.R. to a panel of judges who delved & probed repeatedly. Thanks & praise be to GOD that my boy is finally over & done with it!!! Just so you understand my great relief, here’s his classmate JOSEPH with his I.R. on a typical greenhouse. Up to now he is still not done (more than 1/3 of the class is still in limbo, actually). And he already decreased the size to 1/4 it’s original measurement –plenty of luck to you, Joseph!

Joseph with the still unfinished greenhouse.
Yes, 14 year old kids are given tasks this big!
Isn’t there a law on child abuse??? @_@
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