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Warning: This post is in HEAVY taglish (mostly filipino actually).. para mas-feel ang kwento!
Si Kap, hardcore chinese yan. Ma-da-mi Ne-go-syo! ;) He’s living on the principle of tubong lugaw. Small earnings from multiple businesses. When you add it up, pwede na rin pang-jollibee! Hay! ;P

He has a side business of meatshop, paintshop, a bulilit gasoline station & a couple of jeepning pa-boundary inside the village (for residents & visitors). Mahilig sya sa malilit.. ako lang ang malaki sa buhay nya! :P

Last wednesday, one of his jeepney drivers called saying the vehicle he was driving was hit by a car as his passengers were alighting. Most of them were hurt and needed to be rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, both of us were out so we couldn’t assist right there & then.

This was the best photo we could come up with.
The Honda Accord hit the PUJ while it was on a full stop at the shoulder of the road in front of the intersection as passengers were alighting.It must have been running at a high speed, more than the allowed 40/kph on minor roads & 60/kph on major roads to make the PUJ spin at a 90 degree angle as the Accord hit the side of the PUJ’s tail-end, making it jump & land on the accord.

The vehicle hit a 70-year old lady’s leg which caused some toes to be amputated & undergo at least 5 surgeries as of this writing.

The lady driver who was driving without a license, or even the owner of the vehicle, didn’t even bother to go to the hospital or the precinct.

No inquiries were made at any point & no assistance was offered by said lady driver, or owner of the vehicle.

5 passengers as well the the driver of the PUJ were injured while the lady driver got away scot free without any marks on her body except for jitters.

The female driver (non resident) who didn’t have a driver’s license and was driving the vehicle of a friend/boss (resident), gave her voter’s ID to the guard & a flock of her friend’s (boss’) friends came to make usi. Na-rattle si village guard coz of the “big named” residents who came to her immediate rescue including one who claimed to be their company lawyer. Ang sabi pa daw “just file what you need to file I’m getting her out of here”. Wow. Iba na talaga ang big time.

Magparamdam ka naman ale.
Kahit nalang para sa mga pasahero!
MADAM. Is it even legal for you to drive?!? Ok ka lang?And we really expected more from the 62 year-old owner of the vehicle who happens to be the daughter of an ambassador.
1.) At age 62, we should already know the difference between right & wrong. When to help, and when not to. When it’s our fault, or when it’s not.
2.) What is an ambassador..




  1. An accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country in a friendly capacity.
  2. A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.

The village guard let the female driver go kasi nanginginig daw, as well as all the things inside the vehicle to another “friend” who rushed to her aide -when the tv show CSI obviously taught us not to touch anything from the crime scene! @_@ Sana man lang nag-radyo sya sa higher ups for guidelines.

I’m not saying there’s anything questionable in her (or the car’s) possession, but nanginginig? Pula ang mata? (hearsay) And hitting the jeep when it was obviously at a full stop on the side road reserved usually for alighting passengers (when based on her friend’s/vehicle owner’s address she was supposed to turn left?) ? Why the need to clean out EVERYTHING from the vehicle???

I feel for the guard. I know he’s like a teeny tiny helpless goldfish swimming among big bad sharks. Ano nga naman ang laban nya? Pero papaano naman kami?

When Kap finally got to the scene of the accident after an hour, the vehicles have been towed, wala nang guard, wala nang lady driver. Puno lang inabutan nya, maraming puno! So he proceeded to the precinct & stayed there ’til the wee hours waiting for the lady driver & the owner of the vehicle -or even the supposed company lawyer, to come. Awa ng Diyos hanggang ngayon impounded pa rin yung accord. No show sila.

His PUJ turned 90 degrees from the impact & the left wheel landed on top of the Honda Accord. Can you imagine how hard the jeepney was hit for it to turn & LAND on the car that hit it?? To think we residents are only allowed a maximum of 40/kph on minor roads & 60/kph on major roads. Wreckless driving talaga!

The PUJ hit a tree as it slammed when it turned.
A 70-year old lady was alighting when the accord hit the PUJ (at a very high speed I must say!) at the shoulder of the street in front of the intersection.Putol ang daliri sa paa ni lola. So far she’s had 5 operations on her leg! @_@


So in the duration of that 1 week, Kap received numerous letters indicating he has some financial obligations to meet since pasahero nya ang mga nasakan even though he’s just the operator. Liabilities kung baga. Siya pa ngayon ang dapat magbayad?! Eh pareho lang po tayong biktima mga sir..

Lola’s son in law & lawyer summoned us to the barangay this morning for an amicable settlement.
The other party said they will shoulder the bill, meaning they knew they were at fault.
Paanong nag-180 degrees at kami na ngayon ang pinagbabayad? zOMG!
This morning, Kap was summoned to the barangay. I insisted to come along. Alam nyo, si Kap, sobrang bait yan. Even sa traffic, napaka-mapagbigay. He would let everyone pass kasehodang mabulok kami sa kinalalagyan namin. Even his staff, 2 years na ang worth ng cash advance pero sige pa rin sya ng pautang. Lahat ng tawad sa paintshop pinapayagan nya just so his staff can continue working to provide food for their families. For short, siya yung angel at ako yung demonyo in our relationship! :P And this time, he needed a demonyo on his side!

At the baranggay..
Hindi man lang nag-ahit mukha tuloy siyang GOON! @_@
Mrs. Carandang presiding.

Sana, huwag umandar ang pera dito. Money talks. And in this village where money is not a rare commodity, paubusan ng kayamanan ang mangyayari. Pataasan ng ___! palakihan ng ___! I just want justice! Don’t let them get away. PLEASE!

All is quiet along Guyabano street…
Wow may benz.. siguro naman kaya nyong ipagamot yung 5 pasahero pati na yung drivier...
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