Mommy & Me Date

I bought the kids concert tickets to LMFAO a while back. But I have regretted allowing my Lavinia to watch with her siblings ever since. I was worried that it was more of an adult concert, with a rough audience.

OMG, oh no no no no no, Lavinia!

Ate & my babyson, they can handle themselves -and they are amongst friends. But my Lavinia, she’s such a baby still. So I begged & pleaded, bribed & blackmailed, compromised & threatened. Until at last she relented, on the condition that we have a one-on-one “mommy & me” date.

So the other day, I mapped out a fun day just for me & her. First off, brunch at Red Kimono coz my baby was craving japanese..

California Maki 165 php
Prawn tempura 295 php
Maki sampler 595 php

And of course, shopping is never far behind! ;))

She has a fetish for TOMS coz she feels she is able to give a
pair to a less fortunate whenever she buys a pair.
That’s my baby, always thinking of others. <3

Then pampering time…

First at Dashing Diva after buying refreshing drinks at starbucks.
Everything was pink. We LOVED it! ;)
And they have nail dryers too! Kewl! m/
Our oh-so-summery nails! ;)
Then The Spa for massages.
Ahhhh.. this is the life! ;P

My baby’s first massage.
What a great bonding experience. She will always remember this time we shared.
880 for a regular massage package that includes:
ginger tea while you lounge, dip in the whirlpool, shower & sauna, shatsu/swedish/combination massage.
Too bad we didn’t come prepared.
My Lavinia would have loved a dip! <3 

I hope I made it up to you, somehow my baby. Promise, the next concert Mommy will go with you na talaga so you don’t miss out. I love you so much, to the moon & back!!! :-*

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