Mommy Angels

I am a very panicky mom. I react before I think, which always lands me in deep $h*T!! @_@ That’s why I’m so thankful to angel moms who are my support group. They calm me when I’m agitated & ready for a full-blown battle! They also give me strength & courage to combat head-on when they know I’m right.

Today, I went to my kids’ school to speak with the school head. My 2 older kids have been stressing since forever over their math teacher whom they find incompetent, ignorant & AND arrogant (may putok at bad breath pa!!!). I finally got fed up after finding out from other moms that their children also complain of the same things.

Our tuition fee is in the 3-digit category, on top of the bond AND miscellaneous/other fees, so naturally we WANT the best for our kids & get our money’s worth. This school year, I don’t know what happened, but old teachers left one after the other & were replaced with grammatically-incorrect teachers from public schools with less than 3 years experience.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that just because they teach in public schools they are incompetent, ignorant AND arrogant! :P It just so happens that the ones in my kids’ school are!!

So after deliberating & taking into consideration complains from other (mafia angel) moms, I was informed that the said math teacher will leave after the 1st quarter & they will look for a suitable replacement. (oh yeah, Score: me=1!)

Then, this evening, my lovey asks me for meds for her tummy ache which had been going on for 2 days now. I asked her what she ate that didn’t agree with her tummy. She said she was fed STALE & MOLDY bread by her coop teacher!!! asdfghjkl!!! HUWATTTT?? The bread that was supposed to be used for their outreach program (that was cancelled because of the recent typhoons) were “recycled” and used for their coop. The stupid teacher who is probably used to penny-pinching & eating stale food told the 9 to 11-year old kids to just take out the moldy stuff from the EXPIRED bread & eat it with the hotdog that they cooked!!

I’m hoping to high heavens the bread they ate wasn’t as bad as this!!! @_@

I was in such rage!!! I convened again with the (mafia angel) moms & found out the kids all had the same story. Pasalamat the teacher it was night time already & she was safe in her home. OMG!!! I can let the fact that they don’t have aircon in their classrooms slip. I can accept that they don’t have toilet seats/toilet paper because the school is too cheap to provide. I can accept that they are made to wash dishes & carry heavy chairs around. BUT I CAN NOT TOLERATE FOOD POISONING!!! @_@

One thing is certain. Tomorrow, she & I will meet eye to eye!!! @_@

I’m really not being overly dramatic. I just want to make sure that once the school takes over the responsibility of my children, they see to it that they can keep my kids safe in school!

Below are pictures of a student from the nearby girls’ school who was LIT IN FLAME because her incompetent teacher told her to use the wrong alcohol for an experiment!!! And please take note that she had to take off her dress HERSELF to save HERSELF from being burned to death!!!

(the pictures are highly disturbing, please skip this part if you have a queasy stomach)

This is what she put under the caption:
 i was in the school’s lab and the teacher told us to do this experiment and gave us some kind of alcohol thats
not supposed to be used then the fire went to me.

So, as parents, it is really our JOB to make sure that no little stone be left unturned. May kasabihan.. Better to be safe than sorry! So, to my angel moms +1 dad (Ivy, Ton & Bambi, Regine, Kat & Rose, Al, Faye), thank you so much for your never-ending patience  & support!!! :-*

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