Mixed Martial Arts

The 3 kids enrolled in Mixed Martial Arts last week. They have too much pent-up energy, this way, they can release some (or a lot) while kick-boxing haha. Less effort for me to keep them entertained all summer long. ;P

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of bothstriking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, includingboxingwrestlingBrazilian jiu-jitsumuay Thaikickboxingtaekwondokaratejudoand other styles.

It’s also a good self-defense tool, especially for ate as she will go off to college in June. Far, far away from her mommy! :'(( Best to learn how to defend herself.

Their coach is so cute.. and well -tiny! ;) Hopefully, he can toughen up my kiddos before summer ends.

Warm up exercises before the real deal ;)

wraps before gloves, to prevent injury.
Coach Ricky is sooooo cute!!! Like a little boy ;))
He is assistant to Monsour del Rosario
Ate throws a mean punch, for a girl! ;))
And a mean kick as well.
Let’s not hit out tiny coach, ayt? ;))
My babyson is really an athlete, he learns quick.
A few more sessions & some weight training and he can beat up the next guy.
Lol-JK! ;P
My baby giving it her all ;)
Ate also wants to enrol bikram yoga.. we shall see first how this one goes, mija! @_@
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