Mission: Possible

I had 6 missions in life today! ;) What a busy saturday it turned out to be..

1.) Visited Florasilk & took pictures of their lovely christmas trees & decorations to share with my non-existent readers.

Florasilk is directly in front of South Mall lang.
You have to turn right when you see this sign. It’s a bit tricky so you really have to slow down.
Then you just go down the road & follow the signs.

How ate would have loved to see the set-up, but unfortunately, she took the ACET (Ateneo College Entrance Test) today. Next time I’ll be sure to take her along! ;)

Ate’s exam room.. she took it so I can see haha! I’m curious george! ;)
Lunch at Johnny Rockets in Eastwood.
She rode with Sam going to Ateneo.
Her chicken tenders..

My babyson, as usual, preferred to stay home and play with his best friend.. the PS3! :P Thank God for my sweet lavinia who is my constant companion! <3

2.) Went to SM ticketworld for tickets to the Human League concert in Araneta on October 10 as part of my birthday gift to my Hunny. We are both 80’s fans. We LOOOOOVVVEEEE 80’s music!!! <3

Category: Entertainment
Event Date/Time: 
October 10, 2011 | Monday at 8:00PM, 

Seat and Price:
Seat Location Price
VIP(103&101 ROWS A-J) (Reserved Seating) 7395
PATRON (Reserved Seating) 6865
LOWER BOX VIP (Reserved Seating) 4755
LOWER BOX REG (Reserved Seating) 3700
UPPER BOX A (Reserved Seating) 2640
General Admission 530

3.) Bought movie tickets to Johnny English for tonight. We all love Mr. Bean!!! ;))

look at what we saw on the way… I know “some people” who will be eating tempura soon!!! ;))
4.) Went to S&R. My mommy-friend Ivy said there are lots of Buy-1-Take-1 items for sale. Unfortunately.. look at the parking…
No sale could make me snake my way through a crowd this big!
Except for designer bags maybe teehee! :P
5.) Muchas gracias to my babyson who went out of his way to track down 2 of my 4 “missing” homes. Took pictures of 2 more celebrity homes to update my past blog.
This is not a celebrity home, haha.
I just liked the whimsical topiaries on the landscape outside! ;)
6.) “Tore-apart” my house to accommodate the party tables & chairs for my mom’s birthday lunch tomorrow. If you know me & have been to my SMALL house, you too will wonder how on earth that is even possible. I HAVE SO MUCH THINGS!!! Every nook & cranny is filled with furniture & all the other pang-pasikip things imaginable! @_@
Ha! I’m so proud of how I was able to clear this much space!!
Even I amazed myself! ;))
here too.. I’m sooooo galing!!! :P
Hopefully, no one goes up to see all the kalat I stashed upstairs to make this much space hehe!

Wala na. I can’t do anything with this space anymore.
Sagad na sagad na! :P
My guests will just have to squish themselves.
Sorry for the poor lighting.
Just wanted to show you my pompoms! ;))

Thankfully, kinaya lahat yan ng powers ko! ;)) We’ll see how my house holds up tomorrow! :P

After all that, I needed to boost my energy. So I indulged on some..

Chocnut is L-O-V-E! :)
C’mon, have one on me! :-*

Visit my blog on Florasilk. Up next! ;)

BTW, happy happy birthday, Nancy!!! Hope you had a fantabulous day with your boys!!! :-*

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