Missing Virginia

It’s been 10 days since you left us, dearest Jinia. And I still miss you so. :'((

I miss you every time I leave the house, or come home -and find that you are no longer in your bed as I walk in & out of the house.

I miss you every time we have pot roast beef, like tonight -because I know it’s one of your favorites, and you will no longer get to eat it.

I miss you when I see the golf cart, which is everyday -I fondly look back to the days when you would go “walking” with me (me, walking. you riding in the golf cart with your siblings, like the princess that you are).

Sometimes, I catch myself replacing a happy thought with profound sadness when you suddenly come to mind. It’s still so very painful, and I’m still grieving you. :((

I love you baby. There will never be another you. I hope in my heart that you are happy where you are.

Sleep tight sweetie. Don’t let the bed bugs bite! :-*
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