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Mireio. A Provencal poem.

by Frederic Mistral, 1872. Translated by Harriet W. Preston

Mireio is the daughter of a rich farmer. She fell in love with a modest basketmaker, Vincènt. Her father disapproves of the relationship and seeks other suitors. Mireio, in despair, escapes from her house to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. There she prays to the saints that her father will accept her relationship with Vincènt. The way is hard and unbearably hot so she is taken ill. In the end, the saints appear to Mireio. They tell her of their happiness in Paradise, and Mireio dies in peace.

You can read the full context HERE. And like me, weep for the love that never bore fruit. :|


With the lovely illustration of Mireio as my background. Sadness Everdeen naman ng love story huhu! </3 Buti nalang kami ni Kap, garantisadong #happyending at #mayforever ;)


I’m a sucker for love stories. I love happy endings, but sad stories are the ones that really tug at my heartstrings.

For our CHRISTmas date night, Kap & I celebrated our own happy-ever-after (thank goodness) & went fancy for a change. We dropped by the newly-opened Mireio. So new that it was only on its 3rd night but already bustling with curious foodies like us!

I’m happy that my OTL & I were able to enjoy our date in peace before the secret that is Mireio gets discovered (as it should) & tables will be hard to reserve.

Mireio, Raffles Makati

9th Floor. 1 Raffles Drive corner Makati Ave., Ayala Center, Makati (02) 555-9777

High above the city, Raffles Makati presents Mireio (pronounced “mee-reyo”), a Provencal-inspired brasserie dining experience on the 9th floor. Mireio, which took FOUR years in the making, takes cue from the rich traditions of the French countryside with its close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, and comes up with dishes that are sun-drenched and created around the seasons.

This love for Provence is adapted not only in the cuisine, but also in the restaurant’s art and interiors. So if you’re looking for a classy night out but don’t want to go over your tight budget this holiday season, THIS IS IT. :)


Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me. Been an awful good girl. Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight. Armed & ready in our Christmas gear as we celebrate quietly in advance, sans the kids. ;)


It’s so hard to stop at one when the rolls are hot & freshly baked. Add to that the yummy rillet spread -a mix of blue marlin, tuna, and chives. I couldn’t contain myself from asking for another serving.. and another! Kap had to constantly remind me to pace myself because as is in life, the best is yet to come. ;))


Started off our CHRISTmas date with signature cocktails. A Mireio 695 php, vodka-based cranberry girly cocktail for me (must have!!). And a Vincèn 545 php, gin & whiskey-based cocktail for my Hunny. <3

Chef de Cuisine Nicolas Cegretin, himself a son of Provence, has created a menu selection that is all at once nostalgic and yet sophisticated. And more importantly for Kap, the prices are not at all intimidating, lol! ;)

My personal favorites -and the restaurant’s signature dishes, the Beef Tartare and the Smoked Salmon (see below), focus on the ingredients’ freshness. At Mireio, each seafood, select cuts of meat, and fresh summer vegetables is prepared with liberal use of heart-healthy olive oil which brings forth all the natural flavor in every bite.


Beef Tartare 420 php. Beef with goat cheese, basil, and crispy bread. Their tartares were made on the spot for the best freshness.


Salmon Tartare 520 php. Smoked salmon with granny smith apple & dijon mustard cream. All tartare dishes come with side salad. That’s salmon skin on top, by the way. Remember to load up on your maintenance meds this holiday season. :))


When the kids are not with us, Kap & I try to “live it up” and order food we don’t normally do. Like this Duck Foie Gras 650 php which certainly puts the DATE in my date night. ;) Roasted duck foie gras (liver), granny smith apples & ginger chutney. Tip: Eat together so the rich flavor of the foie gras is not too overwhelming. The apple & ginger chutney balances out the taste & leaves you more than satisfied. <3


Capping off our small plates before we moved on to our main meal (oh yes, you MUST know of our insatiable appetites by now) this Octopus Carpaccio 490 php. Thin slices of octopus with pesto & vegetables.

Just the other night, all 3 kids were out and Kap & I were on our own, watching The Hundred Foot Journey on our telly. Holding hands & just bumming around, enjoying our rare quiet time together.

Inspired by the romantic flick set in beautiful France, my Romeo promised me that one day, we will go back to the country of Love -just the 2 of us this time, and we will linger & savor each day -take our time, visit the far countrysides, and eat french food all day long & drink french wine. (Of course, dreamy me, I forgot to document it as evidence for when he starts hankering me to look for chinese restaurants YET AGAIN!) ;P

Now pa lang Honey, ipon ka na ha?  I will really hold you to your word! You & Me, that’s a date! :-* For now, practice muna with these..


My slow-cooked Oxtail Parmentier 1,450 php. Hidden under a bed of mashed potato with black truffle jus & mesclun.


Because date nights call for special grub & not the usual steak.. say HI to Kap’s manly Rack of Lamb 1,780 php. Roasted lamb garnished with traditional stuffed vegetable nicoise. Om-nom-nom! <3 Of course Kap was so kind to share this with his takaw date. ;)

When the mood strikes, my Kap can be quite the romantic. <3 As I asked for the dessert menu, he found out that coffee & cocktails can be served upstairs in the open air, under the moon & stars.

So even though I’m an aircon-and-all-things-comfort type of girl, I let him lead me blindly up the stairs (in my painful shoes that I borrowed from one of our girls -which can I just say, have been pinching my piggy-wiggy toes the whole night, haha!). Kasi ganyan ang tunay na pag-ibig.. give (husband) & take (wife). :P Trololol!


Stairway that leads to the bar, and ultimately, the Mireio terrace. I hope you can’t hear me panting heavily in the background after climbing the short flight of stairs! :)


They say that when a girl is in love, you can see it in her smiles. When a guy is in love, you see it in his eyes. Yihee ang lagkit naman ng tingin sa akin ni Kap my Kap! <3


I’m a chocolate girl by heart. Thus this Chocolate Mousse 450 php for dessert. 70% guanaja chocolate with hazelnut crust.


But I really enjoyed my Honey’s Rum Baba 450 php. Coconut & lime panacotta with exotic soup, mango & passion fruit sherbet. Love in every bite, I highly recommend this as your sweet ending. Then a kiss to seal the night of course! ;)


And there he goes.. reminiscing about our recent trip to Paris. Missing the beautiful view at night & the twinkling lights. Don’t worry my Hunny, God is good -all the time. One day, someday..

Until then, let’s just be thankful for the gift that is Mireio. ;) HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! :-*


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