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CNY Special 3: Ushering in Luck at Midas Hotel & Casino

2015 has been very very kind to me, to the GOppets. It will always be the most memorable year of all time because most of my dreams & wishes came true.


2016 was a lucky year for me.. Ayan ngahaciendera na ako, lol! Going loco over Farmville! :P It’s my ultimate stress reliever & traffic pacifier. So funny that Ate took a photo of me while playing on our way to Midas Hotel & Casino. :) Huli!

God is so good. I really didn’t want to say goodbye to the year that proved lucky for me & my family. But alas, time moves forward with every tic-toc, and life moves on whether we like it or not.

I’m hoping & praying that this Year of the Fire Monkey will bring all sorts of happy & nice things as well. Although nothing can top my year in 2015, I’m feeling positive that this new year will be fabulous too. With places to see, new experiences to take, new heights to traverse, and new challenges to conquer.

To usher in the Chinese New Year, the fambam made a dash to Midas Hotel & Casino mid-Monday morning of the 8th to catch a glimpse of the elusive dancing dragon, which is said to bring good fortune.

Midas Café

2/F Midas Hotel and Casino, 2702 Roxas Blvd., PICC Reclamation Area, Pasay (02) 902-0100 loc. 1187


The dragon & lion dancers, which were a dime a dozen a few years ago & in high demand at chinese restaurants for posterity, now only mostly performs in posh hotels. 3 years in a row we weren’t able to catch a dragon, or even a lion dance in Binondo.



The Lion-awakening ritual (done on brand new lion dance costumes before their first performance) involves dotting paint onto the lions as a symbol of life-giving. Dot the eyes, so that the lion can see. Dot the nose so that it can smell. Dot the mouth so that the lion can eat, and dot the ears so that they can hear the beat of the drum! Finally dot the lion all down their body, to ensure that it is brought to life from head to tail.



The Midas team basking in the “afterglow” hehe & banking on the promise of even more prosperity for the year 2016.



So happy to have been part of the festive ceremony at Midas Hotel & Casino! <3 Team #GOppets ushers in the year of the fire monkey in lucky colors of Pantone 13-1520 & Pantone 15-3919. Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. While Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times. Here’s to a year filled with love & peace to all!


Many thanks to our good friend ERWIN DONA, PR & Brand Director who graciously invited us to spend Chinese New Year at Midas Hotel & Casino.



The dancing lions come in 5 different colors depending on your request or need. Green is sometimes selected as a main color, which symbolizes a great harvest. Other colors include: yellow symbolizing the solemn empire, golden or silver colors symbolizing prosperity, red color representing excitement. SO Midas Hotel & Casino will definitely be enjoying a prosperous & exciting year ahead with the red & silver colors! \m/



And here is my very own dragon.. er dragon slater? Slaying the buffet spread, lol. Lunch & dinner at Cafe Midas is at 2,088 net with drinks. All day, err’day!



A whole peking duck, ALL FOR ME?? Why yes please, don’t mind if I do! Because nothing says chinese food than the peking duck, this was first on my agenda.



Yummy in my tummy! <3



Don’t judge. Prosperity calls for a full plate! ;)



My lovely girls in Serenity Blue. <3 Nothing makes a girl’s beauty shine more than inner peace & contentment.



Because of all the seafood spread I’d been having the past couple of weeks, I missed my noodle ration big time.



and BIG TIME calls for a BIG BOWL.



I’ve missed my carbs too so up next on my list was the mongolian station. Spice up the heat please?



They forgot to mix in the rice though. Or maybe they thought I’ve had enough carbs for the day, haha!



Anyway, I’m glad they did because it meant MORE ROOM IN MY TUMMY for the grilling station. Yay! \m/



And this pot of chili crab. Yum! <3



A little fun pun on the side.. Crab ka ba?? Kasi, you’re so CRAB-tivating! Isa pa. Crab ka ba?? Kasi gusto kitang i-crab pababa, pababa sa puso ko! Last na! And this is dedicated to Kap my Kap .. New Year ka ba? Kasi I NEW YEAR the one. HAHAHA! Sorry. This is what overeating does.



Dessert selection.



Only round things for dessert, because I want luck-luck-luck the whole year through! Lucky mochi, lucky lomaichi & lucky buchi. Kung hindi pa ako lalong swertehin itong 2016, ewan ko na!



And why not go for halo-halo? It has all things round as well diba?



Nothing beats a tall glass of halo-halo with ube ice cream on top! <3



And a fabulous meal washed down with a cup (or 2) of brewed coffee.



May your life be free of worry & fear. Instead, may you have happiness, good health, and success all year! With love from Erwin & the Goppets. :-*



The Monkey is known to be a problem solver & finds itself out of the tightest of situations. Thus, the arrival of a Monkey year is like a sunrise full of hope. Wag mawalan ng pag-asa.



With my very own lucky charm, Kap was born in the year of the earth monkey. <3



And here’s my other monkey.. who is forever on the phone! Ano kaya ang prediction sa love life niya itong taon? Shaken, not stirred pa rin ba? :P Wear more serenity blue kasi, para kumalma ang buhay hahaha.

And as the year of the monkey begins, here are my wishes for all of us. May this year be a year of love & laughter, a year of wealth & prosperity too. A year of peace & happiness, and a year of good health most of all. As the Chinese New Year starts, I wish that good times live on in our memories. And may we learn lessons from the troubling times -that will make us stronger & better than ever.

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! :)

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